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A Quick Rundown of Some of the Most
Popular Gay Fetishes in America
By Phoenix Delray


When it comes to the gay counterculture in America today, there are more gay fetishes around than you can shake a stick at. And to be sure, you can shake a stick at an awful lot of them. Sure, there are plenty of vanilla gay folks out there who do not involve any gay fetishes into their sexual habits, but it seems as though more often than not gay fetishes are involved in homosexual relationships. It can be said that being gay is a fetish in and of itself, but for the purposes of this article, we will just focus on some of the more hard core gay fetishes in the society today.

S and M is one of the more popular gay fetishes around. This involves one partner sexually or emotionally dominating the other, with one or both people involved getting sexual pleasure out of the activity. This particular gay fetish has lots of other stuff involved, such as whips, chains, blindfolds, leather, latex and a whole lot more. And all these are dedicated to hurting the submissive person in one way or another. There are actually a countless number of websites dedicated to this S and M gay fetish, with many heterosexual people engaging in the activity as well.

To find people who are interested in this S and M gay fetish, one only needs to do Google, Yahoo or MSN search and visit one of these websites and befriend the people who are also members of the community. For a real life gay fetish experience of this nature, you can go to an S and M gay fetish bar. There is usually one in just about every major city, so finding one is relatively easy. In more rural areas that do not have S and M gay fetish bars, you can usually find a group of people who are willing to host such events at their homes.

Another popular gay fetish involves bondage. In this gay fetish, one person ties up his or her partner with ropes or chains. This is a common gay fetish for both gays and lesbians, and this often includes blindfolds to enhance the bondage experience. Although related to the S and M gay fetish on a basic level, not all people who engage in bondage play are also into S and M. Yet another gay fetish involves age play, where one partner is significantly older than the other.

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