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Lawn Chair Bears at Boston Gay Pride

Is there something lacking in your life?

Are your nights spent watching endless reruns of Star Trek, Dr. Who, and Maude? No reason to live in a post-Sanjaya world? Do you wish you could be involved and have a load of fun, yet have no strings attached? Do you long to perform in front of a crowd?

Then the East Beverly Lawn Chair Drill Team could be just the thing you’ve been looking just didn’t realize it! We will be calling ourselves the Lawn Chair Bears.

What is it? It’s a totally insane (yet somehow serious) interpretive dance routine involving... you guessed it, lawn chairs ( you were gonna say that, right?)

What we need is a few good bears to round out the team and to march in Boston’s Gay Pride Parade. It’s fun and easy. If you can count to 8 and march, then you are well on your way to being an East Beverly Lawn Chair Drill Team member. We have been a HUGE hit in every parade we’ve marched in (especially the Salem Halloween parade.)

There will be one rehearsal before the parade at our Lynn house. It would be great if you had your own chair (the old-fashioned aluminum kind with the strappy polypropylene slats), but we do have a few extras.

So what are you waiting for? You know anything involving the Harley Bears (Russell & Marshall) is going to be a good time. Get out there and do something different. You’ll be glad you did.