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What is Your Favorite Gay Fetish?
By >Phoenix Delray

The number of people in America today who have a gay fetish is increasing rapidly, and much of the increase is in part due to the increased availability of porno on TV and on the Internet. There are many gay fetishes that have emerged, and the gay fetishes range from sexual acts to unconventional role playing to simply having a gay fetish with a particular body part, like an armpit. Whether or not a person incorporates their gay fetish into their sex life or keep it private, a gay fetish can bring excitement and arousal to someones sex life with or without someone else.

A very popular gay fetish is one called S&M. This gay fetish is when one partner dominates the other partner, with either one or (usually) both people being sexually aroused by it. This gay fetish can involve anything from costumes, leather and latex, whips, chains, handcuffs, blindfolds, or any number of other things. It can involve hurting the submissive person in some way, or teasing them, increasing sexual arousal for both partners. Many heterosexual people and gay people alike partake in this fetish, and with the Internet offering tons of websites dedicated to S&M, there is never a lack of new reference material.

A gay fetish that is related to S&M is the gay fetish of bondage. Bondage involves one partner tying up or restraining the other partner to increase sexual arousal in both participants. While one partner gets aroused at the idea of dominating and having sexual power over the other partner, the submissive partner enjoys arousal by being teased, tickled, licked, and touched while restrained, invoking a feeling of raw sexual energy. The real difference between S&M and bondage is that with bondage, there is not necessarily hurt or harm done for sexual pleasure. It is the inflicting of pain that elevates bondage to the title of S&M.

Another popular gay fetish is one that involves men in uniforms. Many gay men have a gay fetish that involves men in uniform being forcefully undressed, for example. Spanking is another popular gay fetish, as is gay massaging, using dildos, and fisting fetishes. Mens feet is another pretty popular gay fetish, and fetishes that involve naked hot men having something to do with sports are always common. The gay fetish might be naked men playing a sport or broadcasters at a sporting event broadcasting in the nude.

Whatever your gay fetish is, there is plenty of material on the Internet that can further expand your knowledge about it, and you can even meet others online who share the same gay fetish that you do. To learn all that there is to know about a gay fetish, just go surfing the Net..naked, preferably.

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