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Gloves - A Glove Is A Glove - Not

Did you ever sit down and wonder about all the different kinds of gloves that there are and what they're used for? If you think that a glove is a glove, then this short little review of just a few of the many types of gloves that there are may surprise you. Some you most likely have heard of. Others, you probably had no idea that they even existed.

For example and for starters, did you know that they make gloves that are especially for playing hand bells? If you don't know what hand bells are, they are musical bells that are often played at church services during certain times of the year. So why do we need gloves for them? Well, it's not because the hand bells will hurt your hand or anything like that. The reason we need gloves to play hand bells is because they are very delicateinstruments. They can go out of tune easily. One of the things most responsible for putting a hand bell out of tune is the sweat and dirt from our hands.

If enough residue from our hands ends up on the bell, it can easily go out of tune. Well, they make special gloves made out of a soft cloth material that keeps the hand bells clean and in tune.

Another kind of glove is a golf glove. These are gloves that are especially made for professional and even non-professional golfers. While they are not made for style, some of the more modern golf gloves are very stylish especially in today's fashion conscious world. The gloves are simply to allow the golfer to get a better grip on the golf club. Under the stress of competition, golfers sweat. When your hand gets sweaty it isn't easy to hold onto a golf club. If you think it is, try it sometime. These gloves are usually made of very tough leather and can stand up to quite a beating. Moving into a completely different area of gloves, we have the ever-popular winter gloves. These are primarily made to keep our hands from falling off when the temperature drops into single digits, but just like golf gloves, these winter gloves are also made to be very fashionable. As a matter of fact, many people have more than one pair. Depending on the color clothes, a person may wear black or brown gloves as standard issue. There are, however, other colors and not only are there many colors, but there are many types of winter gloves. Some are fur lined, some are not. These of fur lined, some are not. These of course are not to be confused with mittens, which have no individual openings to put your fingers, though mittens are in a sense a form of a glove.

Still not enough types of gloves for you? What about one of the most popular gloves in the world, especially in the United States which is home of the most popular sport in the world; baseball. Baseball gloves come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. If you really get into the game itself, you will notice a big difference between a shortstop's glove, a catcher's glove and a first baseman's glove.

We won't go into all the style differences between the three but suffice it to say, you can definitely tell the difference between the three gloves, especially the old style catcher's glove that actually looks like a Mickey Mouse cartoon hand.

The above types of gloves only scratch the surface. There are opera gloves, horse riding gloves, bowling gloves and on and on. Yes, there are more gloves than you can possibly imagine.

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