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Glove Care Tips

Today, gloves are a stylish and practical accessory, to complement your busy lifestyle. Like any other high quality accessory, your gloves need to be treated with care if they are to retain their naturally pleasing appearance. We hope the following pointers will prove useful and helpful in keeping your fine gloves looking their best.

When putting on a glove, please try to avoid pulling by the cuff, as it pulls the glove out of shape and can strain the fine stitching. One should fold back the top of the glove cuff and carefully insert the fingers, smoothing each one gently downwards towards the base of the finger, ensuring each finger fits smoothly inside the glove.

To remove a glove, one should gently pull the glove from the top of each finger and thumb, sliding it off gently, a little at a time.

Unfortunately for practical reasons, gloves are often rolled or squashed inside pockets, and as a result, they can lose their shape and good appearance. Any article of clothing needs to be cared for. Accordingly, we recommend that after use, you should always gently pull your gloves back into shape and, where practical, store them laid flat. This will retain their good appearance.

If by chance your gloves do become damp or rain spotted, carefully smooth them into shape and lie them flat on a towel to dry naturally. Never dry your gloves in direct sunlight or on or near a radiator or attempt to use any form of artificial heat. this will most certainly cause variations of hardening, discolouration and loss of shape.

Gloves may be dry-cleaned by an experienced specialist leather dry cleaner.