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Corporal Punishment

The most important safety point to consider before spanking or whipping a slave is that this form of punishment does not only go skin deep, you need to think about the locations of the slaves internal organs and their bones. You should only really concentrate on working on fleshly parts of a slaves body the most obvious place being the slaves buttocks, the rules change depending on the physical state of your slave. For example if your slave has well developed pectoral muscles you might want to apply some mild punishment to them or if your slave is grossly overweight you might decide that it is safe and acceptable to hit other parts of his body. If you are interested in spanking a slave you should never hit the slaves lower back either side of the spine as this is where the slaves kidneys are located also be weary of hitting the bone at the bottom of the slaves spine with anything heavy as these bones are easily broken. you should avoid hitting a slaves spine wherever possible when you are whipping a slave, try to concentrate on the fleshy parts on the sides of the slaves upper back either side of his spine. Also when spanking or flogging slaves you should be aware that hitting the hips or thighs and in certain cases the upper arms can result in quite bad bruising so you might want to avoid these places when using your slave in this way.


Whips are available in a wide range of materials, colors and sizes they are usually usually between 3 to 5 ft in length and good whip is a wonderful tool in the hands of a master experienced in their use. They do tend to be heavy on pain, and should be used with caution on experienced slaves by experienced masters, though they do make a superb addition to any BDSM scene.


A simple belt worn by anyone can be a valuable instrument in the hand of any master, different materials and thickness’ produce different effects ones with metal studs can make pretty patterns.


Paddles are made up of a handle to hold it by and a flat, usually rigid panel that differs in shape, some look like table tennis bats and others are longer and more narrow. Some come with metal studs that can leave a nice design on a subs ass. Household items such as hairbrushes can be used as effective paddles.


Canes are long and thin and leave pretty red stripes all over a sub canes also make a nice swishing sound and a satisfying crack when they make contact. They are of course a must have if you are partaking in any naughty school boy play.


Crops come in different types, the slightly less rigid ones are best, they make a nice swishing sound. crops and are more heavy on pain than a cane.


Floggers usually consist of a hand sized handle from which extends multiple straps, the straps are usually made from some sort of leather or suede and also from hair or chain mail. The handles can be made out of a wide range of materials, there are various different types available to chose from so one could easily be found that can suit the aesthetic and punishment requirements of any master. Some floggers that are made up of soft leathers or suede provide more of a massaging sensation rather than causing any actual pain these are good for use with subs that have never experienced a whipping before to get them use to the sensation before the Dom moves on to using a heavier flogger.


Truncheons are usually made in ether wood or rubber, I find rubber ones are better than wooden ones, they make a better sound when they make contact and apparently they are less likely to break the subs bones.

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