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How to Explore the Male Erogenous Zones
By DailySexScoop.com

Millard says: I remember the first time a woman put her tongue in my ear. She did a little circle and ooooh … what a rush. And that’s pretty much how all the erogenous zones make you feel. That’s what you’re looking for. The spot that gives your partner that rush, that tingling. So whenever you do something that makes your partner suck in a breath, you’ve found it. That’s where you should pay attention.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1

A doctor put her hand in the small of my back once and it was a very erotic experience. So don’t overlook some of the more obscure spots on a man’s body. There’s more to a guy than just a penis.

Step 2

Sally says:

I’m glad to hear a man say so. Too often, men seem to want a woman to move directly to ground zero. Zipppp! Here it is!

To some extent, every man is a Stranger in a Strange Land. Men, it seems, don’t spend a lot of time exploring their bodies on their own. Once they discover the pleasure potential of their penises, usually at a very young age, usually that’s it. The more adventurous may explore the possibilities of anal stimulation, and most men like kissing. But beyond the penis, anus, lips, the male body goes largely unused and unawakened to sensual pleasure.

That’s where a partner comes in handy. The entire body of a man, like that of a woman, is intensely sensual. In fact, the skin is the body’s largest sense organ.

Step 3

So touch him. Everywhere. With fingers and lips and tongue.

Run your hands through his hair as he kisses you, wherever his lips may wander. Kiss his neck and behind his ears. (No hickies or biting. A little nibbling goes a long way.)

Using both hands, run the tips of your fingers over every inch of his face, discovering its contours and symmetry.

Step 4

The Eyes and Ears Have It

Most men are highly aroused by visual stimulation. (Not exactly a news flash considering all the magazines, websites, videos and %adult dvds% devoted to sexual images.) A sexy strip tease or some nude yoga poses may be just the thing to stimulate this erogenous sense. Surf the Internet together to some sexy sites or shop online for some adult sex toys to get the temperature rising.

And ears are not just for nibbling. Whisper naughty nothings or deliver a few heart-felt moans into your man’s ear for some auditory erogenous stimulation.

Step 5

His Manly Chest and Torso

A man’s breasts have as many nerve endings as a woman’s and many men find simulation here very pleasurable. Start by running your hands over his chest, gently kneading the muscles to wake up the area. Circle in on the nipples, then arouse them with gentle finger and tongue action. (This is a good opportunity to show him how you like your nipples treated. Ask him how he likes it.)

Moving south, don’t overlook the navel and lower abdomen area. Simulate the navel with gentle swirling motions of finger or tongue, then move lower to the sensitive lower belly. You’ll find a groove here, the “linea alba,” running from each hip down toward the pubic bone. Run your fingers along it to give your man some unique sensations.

Step 6

Spread ‘Em!

You’ve spread your legs for him. Now take control and gentle move his legs apart to reveal his most private parts. Don’t forget to stroke his inner thighs as you move in for a closer look. They are richly endowed with nerves that connect directly to the sexual organs.

We don’t recommend a miner’s headlamp for your investigations of this area, but a thorough survey will reveal lots of sensitive toys for your playing pleasure. There’s the penis, of course, centerpiece of male eroticism and never to be ignored. However, you don’t have to target it for a first strike.

Look beyond and behind the penis. There you’ll find the testicles held in the bag of skin called the scrotum. The bag may be loose or tight, depending on the individual man, but is always sensitive, so handle it with care. You can cup the testicles gently in your hand, moving them around a bit in their sack, or run a finger or tongue along the groove between them. Some men enjoy having you take one of their testicles into your mouth for a gentle suck.

Step 7

Behind the testicles is the perineum, better known in popular culture as the “taint” (it ain’t the penis and it ain’t the anus). This bridge of skin separates the penis from the anus and protects the prostate gland which lies just behind it. Many men enjoy firm stimulation of the taint, especially as they approach orgasm.

Even the penis itself is not a single, simple column of flesh. Examine the shaft and you’ll see that each side is different and responds to different kinds of touches. The ridge along the underside of the shaft is especially sensitive. The head of the penis, the glans, has different features and enjoys different stimulations. If your man is uncircumcised, you have even more territory to explore.

Try to find the spots and actions that make him moan.

Step 8

The Rest of the Story

It’s no secret that the lower back, buttocks and anus are especially sensitive erogenous zones for both males and females. Many men respond to a brisk spanking with an awesome hard-on. Others enjoy a slim dildo or lubricated finger inserted into the anus to massage the prostate.

But approaching the area, especially for the first time, can present a problem. Start by massaging the lower back and buttocks, pulling the cheeks gently apart and stroking the inside edges.

Here you may find yet another hidden treasure. One of the most potent and overlooked erogenous hot spots on the male body is found just at the base of the spine. Give it a gentle massage, and maybe a few kisses, and see what pops up.

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