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Nipple Torture
Feb 29, 2008

Nipples are not only highly erogenous zones but also has a good potential for different kinds of play. There is a variety of ways to engage nipples in BDSM session, teasing, squeezing, pinching, chilling, licking and pulling them.

If you want to experience sweet pain from nipple torture, you may use nipple clamps designed to provide the desired effect. There are different types of nipple clamps that can also be applied on other sensitive areas like clitoris or scrotum. Many people use homemade devices like clothespins for this purpose, though nipple clamps may be a safer option if you decide to engage them into play.

Nipple clamps can give a wide range of sensations from the mild to almost unbearable pain. When you start using nipple clamps it is important to explore sub's limits step by step.

  1. Keep in mind that time required for nipple torture is limited. The tighter you squeeze sub's nipples with the clamps, the shorter should be your session. The pressure you apply on nipple clamps reduces the blood flow to the nipples and this may lead to the damage of the tissue. It is recommended to leave the clamps no more than 20 minutes.
  2. Place the clamps on the nipples and let your partner adjust to the pressure. You can also put some weight stretching the tissue.
  3. You can also manipulate the way your partner feels pain, by releasing the clamps for a while and reapplying the pressure again.
  4. Also the release of nipple clamps is painful itself either if you do it suddenly or pull out the clamps slowly. This often feels very painful and may be even more harder tolerated than actual pressure on nipples. Just a gentle touch with your lips on sub's nipples after the play will add a feeling of burning.
  5. Another way to intensify sub's sensations is to cool them off with ice during the nipple torture or before. It increases nipple's sensitivity as cold skin is more receptive to stimulation.
  6. You may also decorate sub's nipples for visual pleasure, attaching them to the collar or handcuffs, bed or any body part. This will make any movements painful and is also very effective way to stimulate your sub mentally, realizing that he or she is helpless in any way. If you want your sub to experience a whole mix of sensations, you may try to tease and play with sub's genitals adding more pleasure and pain
  7. Always watch over your sub's reactions and do not overdo with nipple torture. Do not use this type of play every session as they may loose their sensitivity and won't be receptive to touch. There is no need to torture nipples for a long time as your goal is to intensify sexual pleasure, not making it absolutely uncomfortable.
  8. Try different types of nipple plays, whipping them or binding them for breast bondage. This will add unpredictability to the session and your sub won't get used to the pain, having new sensations over and over again.
  9. Take care of nipple clamps safety and sterilize them after use as bacteria left on the surface may hold a great risk for sub's health. Always check for any breakage or rough edges to prevent damage to the skin.
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