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Leather is generally strong, flexible and long-lasting. Because of this, and for cultural reasons, leather is very commonly used for fetish and BDSM attire and equipment. Leather is also frequently worn by members of the more masculine gay cultures such as bears and leathermen. Common leatherman attire includes leather motorcycle caps, harnesses, pants and even shirts.


In many western cultures, leather is associated with cowboys and bikers.(motorcycle riders who travel in groups and consider themselves to be outlaws). This is partly because leather is extremely durable and needs little care, and so men who did hard work or require protective clothing are apt to prefer it as clothing or to protect their clothing or skin. Since most groups who require this kind of clothing are considered either blue collar, very masculine, or both, this has led to leather being often associated with masculine men.


Men in gay celebrations are often seen to be wearing leather, but leathermen make wearing leather more a lifestyle choice than simply a type of clothing. Because leather is strong, supple and can be sewn, a lot of dungeon equipment is made with leather. Such items as collars, crops, restraints that must be easy to wear but must also have metal parts that can be connected together are often made of leather. In addition to the associations and the usefulness as attire and in dungeon situations, leather is also a type of fetish. Many people find either the smell or the feel of leather - or both - to be erotic.

Other meanings

Leather is a material made from cowhide.

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