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Glossary of Common Leather Terms

Master - The owner of a Slave, usually the dominate part of the relationship

Slave - Owned by a Master, usually the submissive part of the relationship

Sir - A term to refer to a Master or Daddy

Boy - A term to refer to a Boy, usually not as submissive as a slave in a relationship, just depends

Top - Usually the one that is the active sexual partner (fucker), not always the case

Bottom - Usually the one that is the passive sexual partner (fuckee), not always the case

Contract - The agreement of living terms between a Master and a Slave

S&M - Sadomasochism

W/S - Watersports (piss)

Scat - Shit

Rimming - Licking or Eating Ass

FF - Fist Fucking

Sadist - One that likes to inflict pain

Masochist - One that likes pain inflicted on him

B&D - Bondage and Discipline

Greek - Anal

Fremch - Oral

Bear - Usually a man that has a 'stache, beard and furry front and back side...or any variation in between

Cub - Usually a younger man that has a 'stache, beard and furry front and back side...or any variation in between

WEBMASTER'S NOTE - People may think differently about how to define "bear" and "cub" terms..since it is our web site...We chose this definition

Sling - An apparatus usually made of leather or some type of webbing hung from the ceiling used in fucking or fisting

Flagging - A common practice which has lost its art over the years but still upheld by the Leather Community of using different colored hankerchiefs to indicate what a person is into

Flogging - A practice of S&M tops using a Cat O Nine Tails to whip his boy or slave

Collar - A symbol of ownership given to a Slave by his Master

Run - In the Leather Community a invitaional get together of other Leather Clubs usually an anual event

Fetish - Likes and Behaviors not limited to but definately practiced by the Leather Lifestyle (w/s,scat,boots,latex,leather,etc.)

CBT - Cock and Ball Tourture

TT - Tit Torture

Hot Wax - Simply playing with parafin candle wax

Hood - A covering that is usually leather placed over the head and face of a person...(Both Tops and Bottoms wear these)

Gag - Any one of several devices used to restrict the speech of a person (foam ball, metal bit, dirty underware)

Catheter - Usually refers to a rubber tube inserted into the urethra all the way into the bladder to drain urine (a toy). there are external catherters used during different other games

Sounds - Are usually metal surgical cylindrical devices inserted into the urethra (yes, another toy)

Mummification - A process in which usually a Master with strips of gauze and plaster or tape completely wraps his Slave (ultimate bondage)

Dungeon - A term loosely used nowadays as a play room usually with such implents as a sling, st. andrews cross, whipping post, stocks, etc

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