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Training the cock to serve
By squaddie John


Disciplination of a male slave includes control of his cock. The male member is unruly and unpredictable when untrained. Random wanking and jacking off leads to to unpredictable motivation, mood swings and poor performance in training. Control and ownership of cock is essential for proper discipline.

The ideal is a slave with bollocks fully charged with spunk, cock half hard when resting, ready to spring to the position of attention when required and then to shoot to order. Reasonable precum and a ready "Yes Sir" attitude are also required.


Caution: the following techniques are offered entirely at the reader's risk: manipulating sexual responses can be cruel and cause dependency or behavioural changes that are difficult to reverse.

Physical control

There are many male chastity control devices available commercially but it's also possible to use inexpensive items that are more readily available.

Physical control of masturbation is essentially denial and there is good evidence that the "use it or loose it" principle applies. If you don't cum once a week or so you're likely to find that ejaculations become more difficult and also the desire decreases. This seems entirely consistent with the way the rest of the body works: exercise keeps muscles toned, as well as maintaining levels of hormones such as testosterone.

Mental Control

Masturbation has historically been discouraged. Many derogatory slang terms indicate the disapproval of masturbation.

Male masturbation is increasingly seen as a healthy and safe practice, particularly for those in metrosexual relationships; however it becomes desirable to define what is acceptable masturbation and what is wantonly spilling good seed.

Traditional psychological control was that is was sinful to wank. Master slave control includes codes that the slave's cock belongs to his Master or that for a submissive, although he can wank himself to train his cock, it is wrong for the submissive to jack himself off. The Master or Top can progress this further by devising situations and strategies to encourage the slave to wank his cock but to defer or transfer the pleasure of ejaculation to his Master.

Slave prostate milking

Slave milking

slave in doggie position is ejaculated by prostate manipulation ("prostratic massage"). Cold water or ice may be applied to the cock and balls to suppress erection. Prostate massage drains the prostate of pre-cum but not the testicles of spunk so there is little or no hormonal reaction and the slave is functionally drained of pre-cum fluid without pleasure or emotional involvement. A significant degree of frustration remains because the semen remains in the balls but there is not enough pre-cum fluid left in the prostate to power an ejaculation.

A buttplug that is sized to jab at the prostate and worn in normal activity (eg housework) can also stimulate an involuntary ejaculation. A related torture is to secure the slave with vibrator acting on the prostate: if the vibrator is intermittent or continuous at a low level and the slave cannot touch his cock this can promote a large flow of pre-cum but not an involuntary ejaculation.

A similar procedure was also apparently prevalent in borstals as a "treatment" for masturbation (which was proscribed), however the prostate was stimulated in clinical conditions through the urethra using a long urethral sound. The ex-borstal trainee who related this procedure showed me that his urethra had been permanently enlarged by regular milking in this way. (Note that urethral sounds should be used clean and with care).

Training for optimum performance

Wank in shower, slave restrained in position but with one hand free to jack his cock; Master controls the water flow and changes to cold water when the slave is about to cum. Repeat several times...

Jack off in abs crunch position, flat or on a sit-up board. Slave only allowed to jack when shoulders not touching. Fatigue or pain will set in before ejaculation.

Jack off in half or three-quarter squat position, maybe with a weighted parachute ball harness. Fatigue or pain may set in before ejaculation.

Long term fitness training regimes

January 2007: slave mate Jody has described a long term fitness training regimes he is undergoing under his Master's control. His Master holds the plastic keys to a CB-3000 "Curve" chastity device which slave Jody has been wearing full-time. This device is reasonably practical to wear under loose clothing. Low-cut tight jeans are not comfortable nor Lycra without either exposing the outline of "The Curve" or baggy shorts over the top for modesty and not frightening the others in the gym. He's been unable to touch his own cock since November 2006. He cannot wank himself so he is maintained both with full balls and enhanced sexual desire.

The twist is that his Master is measuring the results of the gym braining and swimming fitness regime that he has specified for slave Jody Depending on results at the end of the week then slave Jody's Master either milks his slave leaving the CB-3000 in place, remove the chastity device and spunk him off, or, as punishment, do neither.

Training the slave to cum when ordered. For example slave is desperate to cum, having been denied ejaculation for several days. Master gives the order to cum but with a very short time limit such as twenty seconds. After the time limit the slave is restrained so his hands cannot reach his cock.

Multiple condoms

prohibiting the slave to touch his cock has the effect of removing human warmth. Wanking with rubber gloves or in to a condom removes the sensation of physical touch; this may increase sensitivity. Wearing multiple condoms reduces the touch sensation leaving only the inanimate sensation of the rubber in the same way as a dildo does not feel the same as a cock.

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