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Glory Hole Protocol and Information

Everything you need to know about Glory Holes



A small hole in the wall between two rooms. The hole is placed at crotch level for an average man and is large enough for a man to place his penis through it to let the person on the other side lick, suck, fuck or otherwise masturbate it .There are several variations of what a glory hole is.

Tea room

Public toilet areas where this type of sexual activity happens are often called Tea rooms.

Buddy Booth

Buddy booths are video booths where a glass partition with dual curtains separates the two booths. The curtain on both sides can be lowered or raised, but you control only the curtain in your booth. In some cases the window can be lowered if both people press the button another version of a buddy booth has a door which latches on both sides booths.

Private Video Booth

Many adult bookstores have an area where you can pay to have an adult video played for a minute or so on a TV screen right in front of you. The booths are designed for one person to fit in them and in some areas, these booths have doors on them.

Couples Booth

A couples booth is a booth that is much larger than a normal booth. It may have a larger than normal seat or a bench. More importantly, it is a booth that the establishment will tolerate more than one person being in.


A top is a man who wants to be serviced by getting a blow job, hand job, or by fucking another man.


A bottom is a man who want to service another man by sucking him, giving a hand job, or being fucked in the ass.


Looking for sex partners and seducing them into a sex act.

Truck Hawk

A man who attempts to lure truckers to a roadside rest area or truck stop for a sexual encounter

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