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Genital Play

A subs genitalia are the most sensitive part of his body, which makes them susceptible to extremes of both pain and pleasure, the sensual combination of these stimuli can produce some rather delicious effects. As such, gaining knowledge and practical experience in the exploitation of this bodily region is not something that any Dom should take lightly, below you will find a guide to the basic principles and a list of some interesting toys.

Safety considerations

There are many ligaments and blood vessels that run throughout the penis, and damage to them can result in erection problems so a great deal of care should be taken when manipulating the penis. While the subs penis is erect it should not be wrenched or twisted in any serious way or struck hard with anything solid like a hand, while a slaves penis is erect it is significantly more prone to damage than when it is flaccid. (the next sentence might make you wince) In extreme cases a slaves erect penis can be fractured, just like a bone, this is somewhat uncommon though it does happen, if it does you will hear it snap with a loud cracking noise, medical assistance should be sought immediately. The circulation is possibly the most important point to consider, if the circulation is cut off for a prolonged period of time tissue damage can occur, pain is not a good indicator of tissue damage because tissue without blood eventually stops hurting. If the slaves cock or balls become cold or numb any restrictive bindings should be removed immediately. If any unusual swelling occurs near any bonds, the bonds should be removed or loosened to allow the circulation to continue. As a general rule anything blocking the circulation into the genitals should be removed or loosened to restore full circulation every 20 - 30 minutes. If the sub climaxes while a tight cock ring or some form of bondage is restricting the urethra it can result in a retrograde ejaculation which means that when the slave ejaculates, the ejaculate will go into his bladder rather than shoot out of his penis, while this is not initially dangerous it isn’t something that should be done repeatedly. Care should be taken during any urethra play to make sure that anything entering the urethra is fully sterilized, this will lower the risk of causing a urinary tract infection. Extreme care should be taken when using the testicles for any sensual application of pain, damage to them is easily done and the resulting injury can be both excruciatingly painful and also irrevocable, if the Subs testicles have been in anyway damaged medical attention should be sought immediately.


As every man knows the head of the penis is highly sensitive to stimulation and even light stroking can produce effective results. The most sensitive part of the head is the ridge at its base, which is called the corona. It is sometimes advisable to use a water based lubricant to reduce friction when stimulating the slaves glans, simply tying a slave up and rubbing the tip of his penis for a prolonged period of time can have the slave writhing in needful ecstasy. Alternatively they might end up begging you to stop, a slave I once used referred to this form of genital stimulation as being a bit like an extreme form of tickling rather than a source of sexual pleasure. The glans of a subs cock can also be used for temperature play, it can be pinched and squeezed or it can be very lightly abraded with a soft brush, some experienced dominants like to use the slaves glans as the subject of torture while engaging in needle play.


The outside of a mans foreskin is about as sensitive as the skin that covers the rest of his body, though it is significantly more sensitive on the inside of the foreskin, and also on the frenum which is the small piece of skin on the underside of the glans that attaches the foreskin to the glans. The foreskin can be used to attach pegs or clips to and it can also be twisted, stretched or squeezed, it is quite resilient and it can take a lot of punishment, though care should be taken to avoid splitting or tearing it, some more adventurous dominants sometimes stitch or even staple a slaves foreskin close, extreme care should be taken when doing it and I am reliably informed the process is excruciatingly painful. It is of course essential that you only use sterilized equipment when doing it, apparently the ancient Greeks used to stitch the foreskin of athletes closed to stop them from having sex just before they competed in athletic games.


The shaft of the penis is probably the part least useful for using in play, when it is flaccid it can be struck with a hand or with a small whip it can be pulled and also squeezed though care should be taken to avoid excessive force. When the penis is erect the Dom should not apply any significant force to it as this can cause damage to the internal structures. The skin covering the shaft is a good place to attach pegs, clips and clamps, it can be lightly scratched or abraded by a Dom using his fingernails or a coarse brush. It is also a good place to carry out play using extremes of temperature by applying hot wax to it or cold ice.


Some men look upon their balls as a symbol of their masculinity, they are also the most delicate and vulnerable part of the male anatomy, all of this comes together to make them a wonderful place for an experienced Master to practice his art. For a sub to hand his balls over to another is a show of great trust and devotion and of course this is not something that a master should take lightly. The testicles are extremely sensitive to all forms of pain, especially that caused by something which is exerting a pressure upon them. The use of a subs testicles should start out slowly and eventually build up as they become more accustomed to it. You should not engage in play if the sub is under the influence of anything that will hinder his ability to feel pain, such as alcohol or drugs this is so the sub can identify between pain that is appropriately stimulating and that which is causing actual serious damage. The sub should also be in a position where he can easily communicate with the Dom to indicate that he has had enough and that the scene should stop. The first thing a Dom should do is take control of a subs balls, he should consider restraining them in someway, either by using his hands to bring the balls forward tightly into the sack or he could achieve this by the application of a ball stretcher. The Dom could also use a cord or a ribbon or some other long strip to tie the balls tightly into their sack the cord can also be used to separate the subs balls, so that they are apart, and can be used individually. The Dom can then very lightly use his hand and fingers or a small thin object to apply light slaps, flicks or taps to the restrained balls. Pressure can also be applied to the balls using hands, a ball crushing device or a piece thin rubber made into a tube, in many cases even a well trained Sub will break when a constant even pressure is applied to his testicles.

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