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Cock and Ball Toys

Cock Bondage

Cock bondage can be done with many different materials such as cords, strings, thin leather strips, shoe laces, ribbons and velvet cords. Different materials can be found to suit many different fetishes, with practice it is possible to turn an erect cock into a pleasing work of art. It is important to ensure that any cock bondage can be removed quickly in the event of something going wrong such as it becoming apparent that the blood circulation is dangerously impaired or if the binding is cutting into the skin causing bleeding.

Cock Rings/Straps

Cock Rings are useful in all in all sex scenes and are used by both Doms and subs, they usually go around the base of the cock behind the balls. The are put on by first of all putting the balls through one by one and the flaccid cock after them. They work by constricting the blood flow out of the penis trapping the blood in there, they prolong an erection for most men that use them. They also constrict the urethra which can in some cases make an orgasm more painful. Also they can even cause the ejaculate to back up into the bladder which while it is not initially dangerous it should not be done repeatedly. Cock rings and straps are usually made from ether metal, rubber or leather and come in many different forms, some have straps to separate the balls, some have multiple rings that go along the length of the cock shaft. While for some people the metal ones do have a certain fetishistic charm about them, the rubber or leather ones are better for beginners to use at least until they know what size is best for them. If you put a metal cock ring on that fits when your cock is soft, it might become very difficult to remove when the cock is hard if the erection will not go down, in certain extreme cases this has been known to result in a trip to the nearest Hospital and the application of a pair of bolt cutters. The metal look and weight can be achieved by using a studded leather cock strap.

Chastity Devices

Chastity devices are often used on a slave to make sure they keep their mind on pleasing their master and not themselves. They come in a wide variety of different materials and designs. If a sub is going to be put into one long-term care should be taken to ensure the blood circulation is not constricted by the device. Chastity devices that are made from a material that can be easily cut off in the event of something going wrong are more suitable for long term use than ones that are made of metal.

Ball Stretchers

Ball Stretching is a interesting way of training a slave, it is also a simple way of modifying the slave so that it meets its masters requirements. Ball stretchers come in lots of different types though the most common ones for BDSM scenes are parachute types and metal vice types. Parachute types are usually made out of leather and are clipped around the balls using press studs, some are available with internal or external metal spikes. Once the ball stretcher is attached weights are attached to it which pull down an the subs balls. A vice ball stretcher is attached around the balls and then a handle is turned that pushes up against the body and pulls the balls down extreme care should be taken when using one.

Vacuum Pump

These were traditionally used to increase the size of a mans erection and have been suitably mocked for many years (see Austin Powers) they can be a fun toy to use and can become in interesting way of training a slave. The use of vacuum pups have evolved into a fetish for some people and they use them to train and develop their genitals in extreme ways.

Genital Whip

A genital whip is a useful tool for disciplining naughty slaves though care should be taken not to cause injury to their delicate skin. The tails should be made from a material that will not cut into the skin in anyway, Also if it is a multi tailed whip you should ensure the tails fall together and do not splay out.

Urethral Sounds

Sounds are all long thin metal rods that are inserted into the penis. The first point to remember is that they should always be kept sterile and when they are inserted a sterile water based lubricant should be used. The sound should be placed into the opening in the urethra at the tip of the penis and then it should be guided in with one hand while the other holds the subs penis in place. A Urethral Sound should never be pushed or forced into the urethra it should be allowed to drop into place slowly using only its own weight. The feeling of the sound entering the penis will be a strange sensation for any sub trying it for the first time. Once the sound is in it can be used to stimulate the subs prostate gland from the inside. Vibrating sounds are available to provide more intense stimulation a vibrator or a tuning fork can be placed on the end of the sound to produce similar effects. Some of the more experimental practitioners of urethral play use and a verity of different household objects as Sounds some of the more common objects used are Philips screwdrivers, long nails, pens and cocktail stirrers. In most cases household objects need to be customized in some way for example in both cases of the Philips screwdriver and the long metal nails both need the ends ground down so they become a smooth rounded cone shape. Some people experienced in urethra play prefer customized objects to the real thing and if you hunt around in some of the more pervy gay web sites you can see pictures of people stuffing anything from spoon handles to large drill bits down their urethra. While this; in many cases, can result in some entertaining pornographic images for safety reasons I do not think it is something that people should carry out in the comfort of their own homes.

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