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Purchase Boots on the Internet

This list was taken from Booted Harleydude's website

Stompers Boots, San Francisco. Excellent pricing on biker boots, engineer boots, Wescos, Dehners, Chippewa, and several other brands. #1 boot dealer in my book. Free domestic U.S. shipping. Owned by a ery reliable, trustworthy, and intelligent friend.

Big Black Boots, San Diego, California. One of the most informative and educational websites in addition to a good selection of boots. Run by very reliable and knowledgable men who have been in the business for a long time.

Champion Attitude Boots, El Paso, Texas. This company does some fine work in hand-crafting boots -- mostly cowboy boots. It can take a few months for special order boots, but the quality is excellent. Just be sure to submit accurate measurements.

Intapol Industries, Jersey City, New Jersey. Good source of breeches and motorcycle patrol boots. Boot Barn, Orange County, California. Sign up for their e-mail list. You get frequent discount offers of 15 - 20% off name-brand boots. Terrific selection on cowboy boots. Better pricing for shipping than competitors.

Sheplers, Wichita, Kansas. Very reputable, good selection. Occasional sales make pricing competitive, but their shipping charges are inordinately high.

Boots USA, Aurora, Colorado. Good pricing on motorcycle boots.

Bootbay.com, Knoxville, Tennessee. Free shipping within the U.S. on purchases over $64. Good deals on engineer boots, in particular.

Drysdales, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Decent western store with a wide selection of cowboy boots. Shipping is expensive.

Nashville Boots, Nashville, Tennessee. Another decent western store.

665 Leather, West Hollywood, California. Good custom leather work. Pricing is better than others, and custom work is great.

Northbound Leather, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Very good custom leather gear and decent pricing. If you live in the U.S., it's best if you can make your purchase in person and carry your goods with you back home. Shipping to the U.S. is exceptionally expensive.

Biker's Den. Good quality leather gear for bikers. Free shipping. They only accept PayPal, so you need a PayPal account to use them.

J.C. Whitney, which is where I have purchased boot chains and vest extenders.

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