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Bondage toys
Dec 29, 2007

Bondage toys are meant for restriction of the sub's movements and may range from simple rope to complicated devices like sleepsacks, cages and suspension devices, masks and others.

Very often bondage toys are used to perform punishment thus playing the role of immobilization for better performance.

Before you even begin using bondage toy, it is necessary to know basic safety measures as fixation of certain body parts with the help of different devices and bondage toys often leads to blood flow restriction. It is recommended to make session last no more than two hours.


Ropes are effective for tight bondage but is not recommended for light bondage that leaves some space for movements. Rope bondage often leaves marks and friction that may feel pain. If you want to use rope for restriction, you will need to learn some basic ways to tie knots so that a sub may feel quite comfortable. There are different rope materials you can choose from such as cotton and nylon being most commonly used.

You should take care to leave some space when tying up your partner and have several winds of rope to spread the pressure. It is also better to have scissors to cut the rope when necessary.

Bondage tape

Bondage tape is often used by beginners and is considered quite good for tying up your partner as it leaves no marks. If you use a tape that sticks to your skin, you may need to use a film to cover your body or use it over the clothes. Bondage tape doesn't get tighter thus it can be used if you practice bondage for the first time. Also bondage tape can be used for many purposes: you may restrict your limbs or blindfold your partner, or use it for mummifying.

Handcuffs and ankle cuffs

These are effective and comfortable bondage toys designed specially for BDSM games. Handcuffs and ankle cuffs are easy to put on and take off and keep sub in a necessary position.

The common materials hand/ ankle cuffs are made of are metal and leather. metal cuffs require some care due to the fact that cuffs edges may cut circulation and cause some damage to the skin.


Cuffs, collars and belts with a chain are used to restrain sub's movements within some room or when you keep your sub in certain place for punishment. Chains often substitute the shackles and are easy to lead your sub but may feel uncomfortable.


Cages are meant for discipline and bondage and is effective for restricting the movement. You can keep several subs in a cage at the same time. Usually metal cages are practices by experienced BDSM partners as a part of a game where you can punish your sub for extended period of time.

Cages are made of different sizes, which allows you to use it for more or less restriction.

Spreader bars

Spreader bars are used for bondage, suspension and other games. It often looks like a bar having restraints on both sides where you can attach other devices like suspension ropes and chains.

Usually, spreader bars are worn on the wrists or on the legs, depending on what part of the body you wish to get in your full control. For example, when you place a spreader bar on your sub's legs it keeps them wide apart which is very convenient for sexual play with sub's genital area.

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