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The two most common complaints are that there aren't enough tops and there are too many pushy bottoms. I think that because most people never know the implications and the real limits of their fantasies. Just look at the classified ads and you will see that most of the classified ads are placed by boys who dream and don't want to wake up to live their fantasies. So you want to be a slave? Or is it really that you want to be a bottom with the appearance of slavery in your life? I'm a firm believer that every man ought to live his fantasies, but if you can't accept the reality of slavery, of complete domination by your Master, then admit that slavery isn't the best name for your fantasy relationship. If, on the other hand, you desire the completeness that slavery can offer, read on, and obey your Master without question or hesitation.

Say "SIR".

A substantial part of any human relationship entails speech. So use the desired title frequently and respectfully. Your Master will prefer Master, SIR, Mister, or maybe his first name. What you call him depends on his instructions. What you say is important , how you say it is essential. Use your tone of voice to show deference, respect, and submission. Less speech is better than more; sincerity is required. Without honesty and candor, you will never be seen as "best". The tone of your voice is a projection of your inner feelings. Your respect, deference and attitude help set up a special energetic relationship between the two of you. As you honor and glorify your Master, your slavery becomes more real, his Mastery more complete. It is in this "completion" that your mutual and deepest feelings can grow. From them arises the power, the ecstacy, and the bonding of the Master/slave exchange that you are seeking. If you just "play" at it, your physical, emotional and psychic rewards will remain superficial. The deep and meaningful realities we seek only come with attitudes of similar depth.


To give pleasure is the only reason for a slve to be in the Master's presence. How you give pleasure will be defined by your Master's instructions. How well you give pleasure will be determined by your attitude. A slave pleases by obedience, conformance to expectations, and by his approach to his Master. Once a slave knows to do something, he should do it without having to be told. Anticipate, within the Master's guidelines, his wishes and do your best to do them well. It's hard, of course, for a slave to keep himself at a heightened level of service all of the time. We all get tired, bored, and frustrated. We want to have a break. Certainly there's nothing wrong with that, and "breaks" are necessary. But even in the "easy times" a slave should maintain the preference, the deference for his Master. Always see yourself within the circle of energy created between the complementary persons you are becoming.


What we're exploring, experiencing here if you will, is the creation of a Master/slave polarity that can elicit incredible mental states, intense physical sensations, and strong bonding. Your willingness to surrender and your commitment to your Master's pleasure are needed to bring "success" to your relationship. At stake is the co-creation of a unique synergy. While the Master "creates" the slave, the slave simultaneously creates the Master. After all, how can anyone be dominant unless someone submit? Together you will be more than the two of your ever wished.


That of course is easier said than done. Our natural reaction is to cover ourselves, to hide and protect oselves. We have been taught to defend ourselves at all times, to compete with everyone else, anto assert our own wills. In this, slavery is a strong renunciation of "worldly values", a serious affront to the status quo. It doesn't gain the ual benefits. Happily, other, more sublime victories, are to be had by submitting. It is difficult to drop the defenses, the desires, the ego-tripping facades that we use to face the world each day. But the true slave finds solace in the Master's will. Frankly, for the real slave in the right relationship, this is an incredible release, the experience of which is an immense reservoir of peace and calm. Best boys learn to enter this state.


This is the art of letting go!! Is the whip hurting to much? Take it. Are you jealous that your Master is paying attentin to someone else? So what!!!?? Are you bothered by his demands? Let GO. Embrace your slavery as your chosen condition. Does it hurt? Feel it, surrender to it, let it move you. Does it give you pleasure? Enjoy it, accept it, let it take you. There is one important qualification here: if you feel the experience is dangerous to your health, let your Master know immediately. Best boys need to be kept in the best physical condition. Accept pain, but do not accept injury. There is a difference!!!


Learn what turns your Master on. Work to improve your technique, whether it be folding laundry or sucking his cock. Find out how he likes you to act in public, in bed, at his feet. Fine tune your physical attention to his body. Learn how to give massages, how to make coffee the way HE likes it, how to worship his body with every part of your being!!


Show your reaction to yor Master's attention. Some Masters like to hear their slaves cry, see them squirm, feel them having orgasms. Others prefer quiet surrender. Get to know what kind of responses most please your Master and do your best to deliver accordingly. Some responses can be spontaneous. Others can be "planned", as it is feasible, there are a host of things you can do to show your submission. Invite him to dinner, bring flowers or a favorite food, go "beyond the call of duty" in house keeping or gardening. Make him proud of you at all times.


I've saved the most important for last. Love will come naturally if it is to come at all. I'm not talking about being in love, I mean rather the decision you make to prefer your Master, to see him as the center of your devotion and attention. Focus on your Master as your partner in this unique creation. Let your Master be responsible for directing and maintaining the relationship. For your part, take responsibility to serve him well. Make yourself a gift to your Master and you will reap the rewards of being best.

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