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Pain Play

The Term pain play refers to any form of consensual erotic play where some level of pain is involved such as CP (corporal punishment) or CBT (cock and ball torture) though I am using it on this website as a way of grouping together things that don’t really fit into any of the other more clearly defined categories.


Figging was originally invented by some crazy Victorian people as a way of making race horses run faster, soon after its invention it crossed over and became a good old fashioned way of abusing slaves of all types. To engage in this form of pain play you will first of all need a Hand of fresh Ginger, a root of ginger is called a hand because it somewhat resembles one, they can be purchased in most supermarkets or Chinese food shops. What you need to do is first of all cut the thickest part of the ginger root into a long finger, make sure you remove all the skin and nobly parts. What you should hopefully end up with is a smooth length of fresh ginger of about 4 or more inches long (the longer and wider the better). Once you have done this you need to cut the ginger in such a way, so that it resembles a butt plug, if it is possible try to leave a wider part at the end, big enough to stop it slipping inside. If that is not possible cut a concavity into the ginger about two thirds of the way down its length, the concavity should be about three quarters of an inch in length, try not to make it too deep as this will weaken the ginger and it could break. You can keep the ginger in cold water for a while once it is prepared though it is better to use it as soon as possible. Ideally the slave should be lying face down or failing that he should be bent over a piece of furniture in such a way so that he can rest comfortably and concentrate on the experience. The ginger should be inserted without using any lubricant as it acts as a sealant which prevents the ginger juices from coming out. It takes a while for the ginger to start to work though when it does the effects can be quite dramatic, to increase the burning sensation the Dom can pinch together the subs buttocks for a minute or two. The pain lasts for about 20 minutes and after that it will start to diminish rapidly, if the sub is unaccustomed to this sort of play I am sure he will find the whole experience quite exhilarating.

If a dominant is in a extremely devious mood he might want to try caning or whipping the slaves arse while the ginger is in place, the slave will naturally clench his cheeks to prepare for the cane making contact and in doing so he will increase the burning sensation of the ginger juices on his tender little hole.

Another interesting though much more painful way of using ginger is to cut a thin piece of it about 1.5 inches in length and insert it into the slaves urethra, like in the Figging exercise the pain will last for about 20 minutes before diminishing. When carrying this exercise out make sure there is large enough piece of ginger on the end of the length to stop is slipping totally into the slaves penis. If the pain becomes too much for the sub remove the piece of ginger and the it should diminish over a minute or two. Both these approaches are quite safe to practice on most slaves providing they are not allergic to ginger and also providing that the dom has sufficient enough artistic skill to carve the ginger in such a way as to ensure it will not slip inside the slave and get lost.


For most people BDSM is not all about fancy playrooms filled with equipment and walls lined with more toys than you can shake a stick at. I remind myself of that while carrying out this very simple though very effective form of pain play. All you need is some metal spoons and a jug of hot water, boiling water can be used on a sub experienced in receiving pain, though I do not recommend it for use on a beginner. All you need to do is put the spoons into the water and wait a moment or two for them to get hot. Then you can begin applying them to various parts of the slaves body, a good place to administer this punishment is to the slaves nipples, the effects can be quite satisfying.

Stinging nettles

In my opinion a small patch of stinging nettles should always be growing in the garden of any Dom. If the Dom does not have a garden then I recommend sending out the sub to collect some whenever they are needed, it can be a fun thing to do because the sub gets to revel in the anticipation of what is to come. Before you use stinging nettles on a slave you should make absolutely certain that the slave is not allergic to them. When using stinging nettles the Dom should, of course, always wear gloves doing so ensures the sub is the only one on the receiving end of the pain. Stinging nettles can be used in lots of different ways to discipline an unruly sub the most obvious way is, of course, to simply to beat the sub with them, this can be quite entertaining though there are far more interesting ways of using them. One of these is to apply the nettles to a slaves genitals, when they are put onto the skin covering the subs penis the pain they give is usually quite manageable, though when applied to the glans the pain can be quite excruciating. As part of a slaves fitness training regime I find it extremely entertaining to send slaves out for a run wearing underwear filled with nettle leaves, the pain can die off after a while so it is usually advisable to order the slave to replenish the supply of nettles at the turning point in there run. Nettles are extremely useful for use on subs, who for whatever reason, cant have any visible marks their body. The pain and irritation stinging nettles give can be quite long lasting, they are good for reminding a slave who is Boss even after the scene you are using them in is over.

Hot Wax

When done correctly both Doms and subs find the dripping of hot wax from a burning candle onto parts of the subs body quite satisfying. Many subs find the type of pain the hot wax provides quite needful though there are many points about its application for a Dom to consider. The main safety consideration is to remember that wax drips from a candle at its melting point and not its boiling point. It is unsafe to heat wax up in any other way for erotic application, on average candle wax boils at a temperature more than twice that of water so judging its temperature just by looking at it is very difficult. If you are heating wax in anyway other than dripping it from a candle you should always be careful and test its temperature with ether a thermometer or by putting it on your own skin before you put it onto your subs. The height at which the Dom holds the candle also has a big affect on the amount of pain delivered to the sub, the higher the Dom holds the candle the longer the time the wax has to cool on its way to the slaves skin. You should consider keeping some ice on standby since it can be used to quickly cool the wax once it has been applied.

Melted wax can be applied to most places on a subs body providing the Dom is sensible, no eyes or open wounds etc, the wax is easy to remove once it has been applied providing it is dripped onto hairless skin. Removing wax once it has become entangled in a subs hair can be quite annoying, though it can be amusing to wax your slave before dismissing him so that is has to travel home before being able to remove the wax. There is a vast range of different types of candles available and there are many points to consider before a master chooses which one to use, they vary in girth, length, color and also fragrance though the most important point to consider is the type of wax they are made from. Certain websites such as www.meoteam.com do sell candles specifically made for erotic play though generally speaking because of the different attributes involved the only good way for a Dom to decide on a type of candle to use on their slaves is through experimentation. The main types of wax used for candles are hard synthetic wax, paraffin wax or bees wax. Personally I prefer to avoid synthetic wax as it seams to have a much higher melting point than softer natural waxes, using candles made from it can result in your slave being scolded.

A good clean up tip to use if you accidentally get the wax on any fabric surfaces such as carpets or rugs is to cover the wax with some absorbent paper such as kitchen roll or tissue paper and then go over the paper with a hot iron, the wax should be melted by the heat and absorbed by the paper, though be careful about the irons heat on synthetic carpets, a very hot iron can sometimes melt them also!

Clothes Pegs/Clips

These the ultimate leveler in BDSM circles they are widely used by everyone of all experience levels from the most experienced Masters with fully equipped dungeons to people just starting to experiment with a little kinky play. They are cheap and widely available as well as extremely effective and versatile. They are very effective for use in teaching a slave about how they respond to pain when it is applied to different parts of their body. They are also very useful for helping a Master locate a slaves pain threshold. A Master can start out with a novice slave by simply applying a few clothes pegs to the slaves more sensitive parts such as their nipples or their genitals and then leaving them for a minute or two before removing them. By a gradual process of applying a few more pegs to the slaves body each time the slave is used, it is sometimes possible to increase the slaves pain threshold, eventually the slave could end up feeling comfortable with having many dozens of pegs applied in attractive swathes all over his naked body. One of the main things a Master should remember when using pegs on a slave is that the longer they are left on the more the pain will increase, it is usually ok to leave pegs on a slave for quite a few minutes providing the slave can take the pain. After a while the circulation to the slaves skin where the peg is placed will become impeded, it is important that the pegs are removed if there is any sign of this happening. Another important point to remember is that the slave will usually feel a sudden sharp rush of pain when the peg is removed, apparently this is caused by blood re-entering the place where the peg was placed. A rather entertaining way in incorporating the use of pegs into play with a slave is to attach a quantity of pegs to the slaves nipples and genitals and then set the slave about some tasks, for example you can tell the slave that 2 of the pegs will be removed if he brings you a drink or you could tell him that 4 pegs will be removed when he has licked your favorite boots clean. If a Master was inclined they could make it more formal by making a list of things the slave must do in order for a certain number of pegs to be removed. You could pin the list up somewhere and then let the slave run around selecting and completing the tasks on the list all on his own while just coming back to you in order to have the pegs removed.


Ice is something that is often overlooked by people who engage in BDSM, it is often just associated with the slightly more mundane erotic arts where it is generally just used for erotic nipple rubbing etc though it does also have quite a range of much more interesting BDSM applications. There are several important safety tips to consider when using ice, the first and most important safety tip is to make sure the ice is not too cold, I know this initially sounds like a rather stupid thing to say though there is a significant difference between using ice that is just at melting point and ice that has just been taken from a freezer and is at -17c. Another important point to remember is that you should make sure that the ice is wet before you insert it anywhere, this is because if it is not wet it will stick to delicate internal tissues and it will likely cause damage to them. The best way of dealing with these 2 safety considerations is to always put your ice into a glass of water and leave it for a few minutes before you use it, this will ensure that the ice is both wet and at the appropriate melting temperature. If skin is left exposed to low temperatures for an unreasonable period of time it can cause tissue damage, and another thing to be aware of is that cold things can cause shock so subs with heart trouble or any sort of affliction where shock might cause problems should consider setting the use of ice as a limit before engaging in play with a new partner.

A rather fun way of livening up a sleepy slave is to insert a small ice cube into his anus, though I really must stress the point that you must ensure the ice is at its melting temperature if it is too cold it might take too long to melt or as I stated earlier it might stick to some of the delicate internal tissues inside the slaves anus and cause damage to them. Another good way of using ice is to use it on sensitive parts of the slaves body in combination with hot wax dripped from a candle or the application of a metal spoon which has been heated up in warm water, the combination of these two simple stimuli can have some rather interesting effects. The situation can be made much more erotic if the slave is tied up and blindfolded and thus does not know which part of their body will have the stimulation applied to it next, most slaves seam to find the anticipation quite exciting.

Deep Heat/Icy Hot

This pharmaceutical cream product is called deep heat in the UK and Icy Hot in the USA, you should be able to find it in any pharmacy or in most supermarkets. It is generally used by people to give penetrating warmth to muscles and joints in order to relieve muscular aches and strains. While the product might ostensibly be used for removing pain it can also be used to provide it when applied to a slave erogenous zones. It is generally least painful when applied to the slaves nipples and most painful when applied to the slaves testicles, some slaves can find the pain of it on their testicles unbearable, so caution and experimentation is important when trying this for the first time. A master might choose to apply a large amount of the cream in one go and then slowly rub it into the slave, or leave the slave to enjoy the experience. Alternatively he might want to apply a little and then a little more until he is satisfied that the slave has had enough. The sensation from deep heat generally lasts about 15 minutes with each application, if you want to stop the action of the product quickly you can do this by applying Vaseline, the sensation should diminish quite rapidly once it is rubbed into the skin. Deep heat can be used by the vast majority of people with out any problems though I guess there is a chance that some people might be allergic to it, it is worth testing it on a section of normal skin a few days before using it on any erogenous zones.

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