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Man's orgasm denial
Dec 21, 2006

One of the most challenging BDSM practices for a man is orgasm denial, a deliberate refusal for the climax and keeping yourself or your partner in a state of high arousal without "letting the steam off".

Orgasm denial can be a part of usual BDSM session, with one person dominating the other with the help of continuous denial to give the desired and long-waited orgasm. Here main principle of all orgasm denial practices is to get you partner to the height of sexual excitement and linger on this state as long as possible, giving a release only when frustration reaches its highest peak or not giving at all.

Why is orgasm denial so appealing? First of all, let's remember the old truth: nothing in this world is more desirable than things that are unattainable. The same with orgasm denial: you show a "sweet thing", you promise it can be so great, you beckon him and then...you cut it off, but not that sudden. You take you time to let this game going on and leave your sub unaware of the outcome.

Second, for a "victim side" - orgasm denial game requires a good deal of self-discipline together with feelings of frustration and tension. Though such a futility can be quite tough to resist, sexual satisfaction obtained through such denial is far more powerful and overwhelming than after a usual intercourse where tension finds its natural release.

Thirdly, for a dom it becomes a perfect control tool over the sub. A top partner may ask almost anything in order to get what he wants. As long as orgasm becomes an award the same way as drug addict wants for an essential fix-up, a dom possesses an unlimited power.

So what ways can you choose to make your partner beg for cuming?

One of the most popular gears in BDSM practice is chastity devices: chastity belts and cages. All of them prevent their wearer from the possibility to have an intercourse or any kind of self-stimulation. This is a real torment for a man when he is all-way aroused but unable to have a full-fledged erection and ejaculation.

Another BDSM toys that can be used for this purpose are old-fashioned restraining devices: handcuffs, spreader bars, bondage tape and others. They will not only give a man possibility to ejaculate it will not allow him to find another way to lessen sexual excitement.

All in all you have a wide variety of things to try with or without any special devices, the main thing is to prolong orgasm and to choose whether to tell your bottom about the outcome of the game and desired climax. Tease element is quite essential to make game go on in any direction. It adds excitement to the game with the element of unpredictability and besides it exercises your bottom's tolerance.

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