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Master Advice


The most important thing to remember is the fact that you are the one who is in charge and generally speaking you are the one that should be taking the initiative in most situations, when thinking about things you need to learn to set aside your ego and consider each opportunity that presents itself to you based on its merits and not how horny it makes you feel or how much it flatters you ego. It is important that you should not allow yourself to feel pressured by a slave or anyone else to do something you don’t want to do, you should try not to get involved in a situations that you don’t feel totally comfortable with. You should also carefully try to avoid getting yourself involved in a situation if you think you might not be able to deal with the aftermath, knowing how to do something is only the tip of the iceberg the most important thing is knowing what to do if an accident happens or if something goes wrong.

When chatting to slaves be realistic about what you are capable of and honest about your level of experience, all of the genuine slaves out there will appreciate the fact and any slave that does not is either more interested in themselves than in you or is just out for a cyber wank.

If it is practical you might want to try and find an experienced understanding slave to begin experimenting on, though if that is not possible then you should at least be starting out with someone that you feel comfortable around and that you can communicate with. Make sure that the slave is fully aware of the fact that you are trying whatever it is that you are doing for the first time, The chances are that if you are just starting out you might make a mistake though providing the slave knows the situation and you don’t panic then there should not be a problem in sorting out the aftermath. If you do make a major mistake it is usually a good idea to stop the scene and speak to the slave about it, try to reassure them, make sure they are happy with you continuing the session before you move on.

Be conscious of the fact that all slaves are different and consider the fact that you might have to change the way you do things to accommodate them. You should also bare in mind the fact that some slaves are only interested in being abused and they don’t like it when a master asks them about the levels pain they are experiencing or how something is affecting them, while this sort of slave can be fun if you simply want to let your hair down and engage in some heavy play they are not particularly useful if you are interested in learning the finer nuances of certain forms of play.

Training tips

below you will find a few pointers and some advice for dealing with specific problems you might come across when training your slave, you should remember a slaves success in training is highly dependent on disparate traits bound up in a slaves personality you should be aware of the fact that it is rare for there to be a one size fits all solution to many of the problems you might come across when training a slave so please look upon what I have written as helpful hints rather than total solutions, you will often find that you might often have to tailor a specific approach to a specific slave.

The importance of indifference

It is often a good idea to impress on your slave the idea that they need you far more than you need them if this is done correctly it can stop many problems from even starting, the majority of sincere slaves will accept this and they will generally quite like it. There are of course some slaves that will attempt to manipulate you into doing things their way generally speaking such slaves should be avoided at all costs unless of course you like the challenge of trying to use the fact that they are trying to manipulate you into manipulating them. In my opinion it is never a good idea to take on a slave that requires you to pander to his needs for certain specific things such as a particular form of punishment unless of course you too specifically like the sort of thing the slave specifically needs.


Giving your slave specific mundane duties to perform around the house is a good way of helping them to concentrate on who is important and it also gives the slave a sense of serving you even when you are not with them. It is usually best to set simple tasks that will not make the slave overly stimulated that is of course unless your slave is in chastity and you are wanting to make him stimulated in order to abuse him.

Sexual Control

In most conventional cases it is extremely important that a master should establish control over a slaves sexual output at his earliest convenience, if the slave disobeys you or breaks the rules you have made with regards to this matter then you should punish him harshly. If you suspect this is going to be a problem for your slave then to ensure you maintain control I suggest that you utilize some form of chastity device to ensure the compliance of your slave.

Self-deprecating slaves

Generally speaking slaves who only seam to be interested in belittling themselves are not worth your time, you might think they are engaging in erotic role play though if a potential slave is constantly telling you they are worthless, useless and pathetic then they generally are. Equally it is also usually a bad sign if a slave is constantly praising you, I generally take this as a sign that the slave is ether extremely insecure, extremely shy or he is just trying to pad out a masturbation fantasy. If a slave is annoying me with constant praise I generally just inform them that I am perfectly aware of just how fabulous I am and I do not need them to constantly reaffirm the fact, if they do not stop then get rid of them.

Using rewards

Using and training a slave is not just all about punishment a little positive reinforcement often goes a long way towards solving minor training issues it is usually best to reward your slave sparingly and you should only reward a slave when he has done something to deserve it. Although it can be fun to randomly reward slaves for no particular reason it can often result in them becoming less focused on pleasing you which can lead to training problems further down the line.

Controlling begging

If you are having problems with your slave begging too much it might be a good idea to train your slave so that he is only allowed to beg in a specific way, the rules covering this can be a strict as you feel they need to be in order to combat the problem, you must also ensure that any training of this sort is enforced with harsh punishments when the slave does not follow the rules precisely. Another good way of preventing your slave from begging too much is to make him perform a task that he finds particularly unpleasant every time he begs unsuccessfully. While this training is better suited to slightly more extreme cases it will ensure that the slave automatically has to think about what is going to please you before he gets on his knees and starts to beg.

Sensation play

Two important sensations that should not be overlooked when training a slave are those of anticipation and surprise. A good way of building anticipation is to train you slave to follow specific routines when preparing for specific tasks. Make the slave prepare their body in a specific way and also make them organize all of the equipment that is going to be used on them during the scene. Many slaves find these sorts of tasks quite exhilarating and allowing them to go through the process of familiarizing themselves with the equipment that is going to be used on them usually makes the slave more relaxed and susceptible to punishment or other forms of play. To add another dimension to the sensations the slave is experiencing you can allow anticipation to work in conjunction with surprise you can achieve this simply by using a blindfold or some form of mask to block what the slave can see and then entice and stimulate the slave before employing whatever surprise you have in store for him. Alternatively you can forgo the blindfold if you are going to surprise the slave with a sensation they have not experienced before such as the cooling effect high strength alcohol has when applied to their genitals, this is also a good way of reinvigorating slaves when engaging in a long play session.

Fetish slaves

An important point for any Dominant to consider is the fact that if a slave has a fetish for a particular body part such as feet for example then the slaves sexual attraction to feet will often take precedence over the person who’s feet they are. You cannot automatically assume that just because a slave wants to lick your feet he is interested in being used in other ways. If you are just looking for a foot massage than that is fine though if you have other intentions for the slave then knowing how to manipulate the slaves desire to service your feet towards your other goals is important.

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