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Humiliation in BDSM
Apr 29, 2008

Humiliation can be very sexy and enjoyable in BDSM context. There are a lot of plays intended to make partners experience the pleasure of being humiliated or being the one who humiliates.

Often humiliation becomes a source of erotic satisfaction to those partners who know each other quite good as these types of play are intimate. It is important to note that what one sub will find highly arousing, another would consider unpleasant. That's why it is worth discussing the likes and dislikes beforehand.

For a submissive partner the pleasure of humiliation is derived through the feeling of freeing from inhibitions. During the scene sub can face the dark side of his nature and through humiliation one experiences a psychological release.

For a sub, a humiliation gives an opportunity to relieve of the burden of the social role he or she plays in everyday life. Sub may no longer feel responsible for anything as dom is in control of all his actions.

For a dominant partner, humiliation is a way to experience the heights of his power and control. A dom becomes an owner of the sub, when he is the one to decide what a sub should do, how he should respond and express his submission.

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