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Different approaches to BDSM

Some people will insist that they are different philosophies though I prefer to class them as different approaches, you don’t need to choose between the two approaches though you might find that you naturally fit into one or the other of them. The approaches are not sets of rules and they are not intended to be a path of progression they are just ways people have used to try and define what it is that they like to do. Most of the terms used are very subjective, for example how safe is safe enough or how aware is aware enough.

S.S.C, Safe Sane and Consensual

This is sort of the standard slogan within the BDSM community and it is generally seen as a watchword for safety, it was originally created to distinguish responsible play from abusive or self destructive behavior. It is also used as a sort of standard term by people within the BDSM community to defend the activities they engage in from people who see a BDSM relationship as an abusive relationship. It is also used to counteract the negative connotations and add greater definition to the terms sadism and masochism. Some people now see the S.S.C approach as too rigid and stifling to their freedom of expression, they see it as being hyper safe in a almost regulated way.

R.A.C.K, Risk Aware Consensual Kink

This approach to BDSM is seen as being less rigid than the S.S.C approach it was created as a direct response to the S.S.C approach in an attempt to incorporate types of play that some people view as having a level of risk involved high enough to rule them out under the S.S.C approach. The types of play ruled out in the S.S.C approach though allowed under the RACK approach include all of what is constituted as edge play and also play without using safe words.

Key Terms

Safe Word

A slave uses a safe word to indicate that they want to end whatever play they are engaging in or whatever activity they are being used for. When a slave says his safe word it means that he has removed all consent for his master to continue with whatever he is doing to him, so the slaves master should stop the scene immediately irrespective of the slaves reasons or the masters own desires. Any word can be used as a safe word though it is better to choose one that is unusual in so far is it is unlikely for the slave to say it for any other reason during play, you should also make sure you choose a word the slave can easily remember. The main reason for using a safe word while engaging in BDSM play is to ensure that the master can clearly understand when the slave has had enough, some slaves enjoy moaning and even shouting stop etc as an outlet for their emotions or even to add a certain drama to the scene. Using a safe word gives the slave the freedom of being able to fully express themselves vocally while at the same time having the security of knowing that if they really do mean stop by saying the safe word their master cant misinterpret their intentions.

Some people engaging in BDSM play prefer to use a traffic light code, the slave would say

green to indicate to the master that everything is ok, a slave might do that when he is being used in a way that is new to him and he wants to reassure his master that he is ok with it. The slave would say orange to indicate that he is about to reach his limit, he might not necessarily want his master to stop, though it could be advisable for the master to slow down or go easier. The slave says red when he wants the scene to stop and as with all safe words the scene should then end immediately.

Edge Play

This can basically be defined as being any form of play that goes beyond what is considered acceptable within the limits of the S.S.C approach to BDSM. This means that the type of activities that constitute being defined as edge play is quite subjective given that people rate how safe a type of play is based on their own experience. Though having said that there is a certain consensus amongst most people within the BDSM community as to what activities are definitely fall into the category. These include things like branding or body modifications and types of play with a strong psychological aspect involved in them such as extreme humiliation play other forms of play involving social taboos such as age play or role-play with a racist or homophobic theme. You should also keep in mind that some people also use the term edge play to refer specifically to any sort of play involving knives or other bladed weapons.


The term fetish in the sense that it is used here refers to a sexual attraction that some people have to something that other people do not conventionally attribute to having a sexual aspect to its nature. I personally divide fetishes into three main types, type one is the fetishistic attraction to items such as a shoe, type two is a fetishistic attraction to a material such leather or rubber and type three is a fetishistic attraction to the idea of interacting with a specific item; in a specific way such as wearing a type of shoe under certain circumstances. The term fetish not only applies to a sexual interest in inanimate items it is also used to describe a persons sexual interest to the parts of the body that are generally not looked upon as being of a primary or even secondary sexual interest, such as another persons feet or hands.


A troll in BDSM terms is basically just a reflection of what a troll is in reality; a fantasy creature, they are silly little people who have problems when it comes to telling what is real from what is something they have made up themselves. In most cases I have observed a trolls main ambition appears to be self glorification and they will try to achieve this at all costs. Trolls exist in large numbers amongst the online community, they appear to think their own sanity and the fabric of reality are small prices to pay in the pursuit of their often unfathomable goals. They can often be found posting messages on online message boards, they usually do it in a boastful way while trying to extol their vast experience anyone capable of reading between the lines will clearly observe the fact that they obviously don’t know one end of a cock from the other. A large proportion of online trolls can be easily identified by their choice of screen name, they usually go for something like “Supreme sex wizard master glorycock the mighty”. If you do come across a troll it is generally a good idea just to ignore them, you could waste your time trying to explain to them why it is you think they are a pathetic waste of skin though ultimately it is pointless, deep down they know what they are, all their bravado is generally just a big smoke screen they have unconsciously created to hide that and many other aspects of reality from themselves. Trolls are generally harmless, I think if it actually came down to meeting a real slave most of them would run a mile. Having said that I do think it is important for new slaves to be aware of who and what they are, you should be extremely careful of accidentally mistaking their over inflated bullshit for a display of genuine mastery.

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