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Scrotal Stretching
From BMEzine Encyclopedia

Scrotal stretching is permanent or temporary stretching of the scrotum -- The practice commonly known in many circles as 'ball stretching' is where an individual stretches his scrotum to hang lower than it normally would. As with other stretchings, scrotum stretching is often semi-permanent, meaning the scrotum can end up returning to near its normal length unless steps are taken to stop it and maintain the modification.

As far as the maxuimum lengths, that is unknown. Well over a foot is very possible -- there are numerous examples of people who have stretched to this extent. Genesis P. Orridge talked about someone who stretched his scrotum to his knees in Modern Primitives.

One of the major risks is basic trauma to the testes and spermatazoa. Using too much weight too quickly, or even just handling weights roughly or carelessly can cause trauma. Trauma-associated injuries include broken blood vessels, bruises, and the like, however, permanent damage can be done.

A more likely risk is skin irritation. Different materials can irritate the skin of the scrotum, and different implements used for the purpose can hinder proper cleaning of the area.

Damage can also be caused when circulation is cut off from the area. A stretching enthusiast should always note the temperature of his scrotum, and remove anything which makes it feel colder than normal, as this is a sign that the circulation is restricted.

Different methods for stretching include a weighted leather "bull" bag worn around the testicles, leather straps to keep the scrotum from drawing up, steel rings and collars, vacuum pumping, or saline infusion into the scrotum to stretches the skin. Most of the these items can be found in leather stores.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect device readily available, and the implements which are available, even at a high price, are very expensive. What follows is an overview of the most common stretching methods:


Many companies make 'ball stretchers' out of leather. These can be found in most stores which sell bondage gear and in many catalogues. They range widely in price depending on how they're made, and what size they are. The stretcher is a leather tube which can be opened and closed with snaps, straps, buckles, or laces, and often has a loop of leather or metal where weights can be hung. Other features include built-in cock rings and straps push the testicles further apart once they are both in the stretcher.

Split Steel Weights

Some companies such as Mr. S. make what is basically a heavy tube of metal split in half which is held together with screws. These are very expensive (starting at $200!) and range in weight from .5lb on up.

Steel Rings

One method which can be seen in Modern Primitives is the use of steel rings. These rings, which are exactly like the widely used 2-inch diameter cock rings only smaller, are available at most hardware stores. Stores which sell sex toys and bondage gear also sell them, but at a much higher price. Most men will probably be most comfortable using 1.5-inch diameter rings. The method is to wear as many rings as are comfortable, and gradually add one ring at a time.


Other options include a neoprene stretcher instead of a leather one, or use rubber o-rings instead of steel rings. Elf Sternberg recommends cotton rope as a stretcher. If you want to invest money, you could also have your perfect implement built... one example would be two openable steel rings separated by two steel rods on the sides. If this would be possible, it would get rid of all the pinching and sweat problems associated with normal steel rings. Another design Julian Hurt once suggested would be a large spring with a ring on each end.

All methods for stretching, scrotal and otherwise, need to be done gradually. Enthusiasts should expect to go months before seeing results, and should also note that maintenance will probably be necessary.

If one has stretched to a length he likes, he will probably have to continue to wear a stretcher that size to keep his scrotum from shrinking back.

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