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How to get big low hanging balls

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There are several different methods of achieving low hanging balls. We are here to discuss some of the ways you can make that happen for you. Due to new regulations of the Department of Justice under the direction of Bush appointee Alberto Gonzales, it was necessary to remove most of the illustrations from this page. The photos of individuals shown on this page are of the website owner who is way, way, way beyond the age of consent.

You may wish to consult with your doctor before beginning any of these practices.

The testes, or testicles are the male sexual glands within the scrotum that produce sperm and testosterone. The scortum is designed to relax or retract in order to maintain a proper temperature for the sperm. Anything you may do which inhibits the body from relaxing or retracting the scrotum may result in sterility. That would include wearing tight underwear such as briefs, boxer briefs, jock straps and the like. That would also include wearing rings, stretchers, vacuum pumping your balls, etc. If you want to father children, ball stretching will be counter-productive.

There are probably many reasons why one might want low hanging balls. From my own experience, I find men with low hanging balls are more masculine in appearance and more sexually exciting. I like the feel of my big low hanging balls slapping against a guy's ass when I am fucking him. I like the feel of low-hangers bouncing about loose in my boxer shorts, and I like the feeling of having them flop around when I am jacking off. I also have found that big low hangers is a good way of attracting other men. Many conversations have started over my huge low hanging nuts. I also like to have a guy grab onto them and pull or squeeze them real hard while they are sucking me off or being fucked. So much for MY reasons, you no doubt have your own good reasons.

Many guys achieve their low-hangers through genetics. Sometimes it comes with age and gravity on men with a big pair of nuts. Usually it comes from a deliberate effort to assist nature and gravity. The various methods include stretching with rings and/or leather stretchers, hanging weights from the testicles, and vacuum pumping the testicles. I have chosen to use all of these methods and the result is I can now stick my balls up my own ass (picture removed). Usually I stick them up someone else's ass (picture removed). This probably low on the list of why guys want to stretch their balls, but I like it.

One method of ball stretching involves using stretching rings. These rings can be cock rings or any other kind of ring which you find is comfortable and provides the necessary stretch. Among the various rings I have seen used are steel cock rings, napkin holder rings, curtain rod rings, shower curtain rings, rope rings, and jogger's wrist weights. I have tried all of these and probably a few others I don't recall at the moment.

You can usually find solid metal rings at a hardware store very inexpensively. You do not need to buy the type sold at adult book stores, as a metal ring is pretty much a metal ring. Do check them carefully from any source, including adult book & toy stores, because a jagged weld could be painful.

Often the rings in the baths and bookstores are no better in quality than the ones in the hardware store. I have seen some beautiful rings of stainless steel, silver, gold, pewter, and even jade rings at The Pleasure Chest in Hollywood. You can order from them over the phone if you really want exotic and you can afford it. Call 800 information and ask for The Pleasure Chest. They are the world's largest adult erotic toy store and my experience is that they are very reliable and trustworthy. My own sextoy store does not carry these kinds of rings. For constant wear you need stainless steel to prevent rust and skin iritation.

A variation of the ring stretching is one that showed up recently in our discussion forum by a man who has been continously stretching for over ten years with cotton cord tied around his nut shaft with simple overhand knots and the cord ends cut off. Every once and awhile he takes off all the cords to clean and inspect, then he puts on new cords after a day of stretching with weights. According to Longshaft, the picture (removed) shows a 10 inch stretch and he has since gone to an 11 inch stretch. At one time, Longshaft, offered to provide more information about this type of stretching in our ball stretching discussion forum, however his posting and e-mail address are no longer there (lost in a server crash some time back). Hopefully he will find us again and offer his advice once again.

The theory of using rings is to begin by wearing a few rings around your testicles that gives you a good taut stretch - but which is not uncomfortable. In a short time you'll be able to comfortably add more rings, which means that your scrotum is actually getting longer. Be careful not to wear rings which constrict the testicles, thereby cutting off the blood flow. You want to stretch your scrotum, not castrate yourself. Bear in mind that the graphic illustrations of extreme stretching (removed) represents years of stretching in several forms.

Another method which is very similar to using rings is purchasing a leather ball stretcher. These devices are sold at various adult book stores, erotic toy stores, and specialty houses such as Black Eagle Leather of West Hollywood and other cities. There are a variety of options on ball stretchers which can enhance their effectiveness, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. I have several leather stretchers in various lengths similar to the one shown here for reasons which I will explain below.

Although leather is comfortable against the skin, some leather stretchers are lined with a faux fur. One of my favorite stretchers is a three inch stretcher that is faux fur lined and uses belts and buckles to secure it in place instead of snaps. It also has four metal loops which can be used to attach weights onto it when desired. I purchased it at The Pleasure Chest for about $20. Shown below is a similar unit without the fur lining, but much better quality. Although I have not ordered from HERCULES LEATHER, I do know their prices are very competititve and the pictures on their website show very high quality merchandise.

Other leather ball stretchers are weighted with sand or lead shot, to provide an additional stretch. It is important when selecting a stretcher to get one of the proper length and inside diameter. You should probably start with a small length with an inside diameter big enough to comfortably fit around the ball sack and yet small enough that your balls won't retract through the opening. Don't underestimate the power of your balls to retract, especially in cold weather. For those of us with naturally big balls, we only have to find them long enough and big enough to fit around the scrotum.

I just recently located and ordered a device called "bull balls" (which has been my nick on IRC for the past few years). I had envisioned such a device for years, but never saw one until now. This thing is wonderful and this online store is the best anywhere. It is called ROBS TOYSHOP. Unfortunately it is a little too bulky to wear under clothing which is what I planned when I ordered it.

Here is a lace-up stretcher I designed for myself and had custom made through ROBS TOYSHOP . He required a pattern drawn to scale of exactly what I wanted and it was in my hands in under two weeks (he didn't make any promises about delivery time.) I can't quote prices here, but it was very affordable even adding in shipping. This stretcher is not easy to get into, although I am getting better with each use. This stretcher is for those who are accustomed to spending a lot of time time in their stretchers. Below is a picture of me using the stretcher.

You also need to consider the clothing you will be wearing it under and how far down your leg it will protrude. It's best to start with one that gives you some stretch yet is comfortable, and then gradually move up to a longer one. The leather stretchers can safely be worn under garments as long as you are comfortable and wear loose fitting pants and not in a situation where it cannot be removed if necessary.

The longer you wear a stretcher, the more time you will be able to comfortably have the device on and the better results you will see. I prefer the leather (or rubber imitations) to the metal rings because they have snaps and are easily installed or removed if you become uncomfortable or if you will be going through airport or other security. They can also be used when you have vacuum pumped balls.

To speed the process, I frequently visit the mensroom and give myself a good manual stretch. Obviously not everyone can tolerate the same degree of pressure. There is a thin line between pain and pleasure. What is painful for most is pleasure for me. The manual stretching makes the leather stretchers fit more comfortably and helps the stretching process.

If you want BIG balls as well as longer ones, another method to get a longer, looser ball sack is to use a vacuum cylinder and pump. I use an inexpensive suntea jar (visit the Jarhead page) or you can buy a two stage cylinder and pump the testicles up to some phenomenal sizes and lengths.

I have seen photos of balls pumped up to over two feet around (measured at the widest point) (pictures removed). Because my bare balls are on display a lot, I am concerned with the shape and appearance of my balls more than their size, so I rarely pump them up beyond 14". 14 inches around is not especially large, considering mine are naturally 9 inches around, but man do they draw a lot of attention. Imagine my balls in a pair of tight fitting 501's.

Some men pump both testicles and penis at the same time. Most can start doing this with a 3" cylinder. If you really want to get them up to freakishly large sizes you can get a custom made two stage tube. These tubes are custom made in the size appropriate for you. They are called two stage as they have two different sized chambers. The first part goes against the body as you slide into the tube. This part is kept to a smaller size as it must be able to form a seal against the body. Usually it starts with a 3" or 3.5" opening and extends for 1 1/2" and then opens into a larger chamberwith a 4-8 " diameter. Most of the phenomenal size increase from the use of the vacuum pumps will diminish in about seven days. After a number of sessions you will find that your nuts hang lower, and stay slightly larger. Recently I discovered a vacuum pumping cylinder called the "isolator" that appeals to me because I prefer to isolate my pumping to just my balls. You can find it at J T's Stockroom

Because I frequently pump my balls, I need several sizes of leather ball stretchers to use at different stages of the diminised effects of pumping.

Another often used stretching method is to use ball weights. This can be done by using weights that encircle the ball similar to a leather ball stretcher, using leather ball stretchers which have eyelets (as shown above) to attach weights, using a parachute style stretcher, using barbell weights, and a variety of ideas that somehow hook weights onto the balls to help the stretch. A technique I have used is to buy a large (heavy) padlock and attach it to the back of my balls. It is not comfortable for walking, but it hangs very discretely under loose garments like silk running shorts and yet pushes the cock and balls slightly forward to give your basket a hint of protusion.

I often use ladies jogging wrist weights on my balls. These are not as sexy as the metal ball weights shown below, and are probably less discreet under your clothing, but they are probably more comfortable. The wrist weights may also be slightly less expensive, easier to obtain, and easier to install.

When buying your ball weight you need to decide on the height, the weight, and the inside diameter. Experts on this technique have suggested the 1.5 inch size. For me, this is very tight. As with rings and leather stretchers, the important secret is to select an internal diameter that is comfortable yet not so large it will fall off your balls and cause everyone to wonder what in the hell dropped out of your pants. You need to do a lot of measuring and experimenting before you spend hundreds of dollars on expensive equipment.

For advanced techniques in using the circular ball weights, send an email to split_collars@yahoo.com and he will provide information on how and where to get these really great looking ball weights and other stretchers that he sells. At one time I had a gallery of his various devices in use, but because of the new government regulations, I had to remove them. A few images of the devices not in use remains and are certainly worth looking at. SPLIT COLLARS GALLERY

An excellent technique for attaching weights , rings, stretchers, etc is to put them on in the bath or right after a hot bath. Your body will try to keep your balls at a temperature 1 degree below your body temperature, so when you are in the bath or otherwise hot, the muscles in your groin relax and let your balls hang lower.

Don't wear the weights for too long in the beginning. Eventually you will be wearing them all the time and wearing them in your sleep. It will only take a few days to a week before you notice they have stretched.

If your balls start to be painful take off any weights, rings, or stretchers. Remember, you balls are attached inside of the scrotum, so you are stretching more than just skin. Remove any stretchin devices immediately if the balls start going dark purple.

The weight method is probably best for stretching the ligaments, muscles, veins, and arteries inside the testicles. The vacuum pumping method works very well for stretching the sack. The ball stretchers do both and keep your balls from retracting.

After you have been stretched, you will notice that in the cold they may well go right up to the groin again... but when it is hot you will notice that they dangle lower than ever before.

Here is another ball stretching method used by monsternuts, a former visitor to this website. He sent photos showing exactly how to do it, but without positive proof of his age, I cannot show them here. I know he was in his 30's when he sent them, but that's not good enough for the government.

This is a ball stretching method which can be worn comfortably around the house, at work, under loose clothes or tight jeans. The only problem is sitting down, since your nuts are between your butt cheeks. But then again, my balls are tough and sitting on them is part of the fun. See pictures for an explicit view.

Put on a 2-inch wide, snap-on, leather ball harness (as shown at left). Attach a long 56 inch leather shoelace to the metal rings onto the metal rings on either side of the harness so that the shoelace hangs down between your legs (like a U-shape). The laces are available at shoestores, drugstores, variety stores, etc.

Pull the string between your legs, up along your back and slip your arms through like you're putting on a shirt so that the shoestring goesunder your arms and rests on the back of your neck.

Voila --- instant tension on your nuts. Adjust shoestring length as needed and position it so that it is not visible under clothing!

Having sex wearing weights or with vacuum pumped balls is unbelievable. You will feel the balls being pulled down and enjoy the swinging sensation which is extraordinarily erotic. As you reach orgasm, holy shit, you cum and cum and cum and shoot for miles. The reason for this is because when you cum the body tries to retract the scrotum to protect them from banging with the swing and because the balls are unable to retract that far, the body pulls harder and harder. Even a very small weight such as a cock ring around the balls can enhance this effect.

At one time or another, I use or have used all of the methods described on this page and each has it benefits and disadvantages. I believe a combination approach in which none are taken to the extreme produces the best results. Using too heavy of weights too fast can damage the ligaments and veins in the scrotum and can stretch the guiche area instead of the scrotum. I have seen some men stretched so their asshole was in their scrotum. A disadvantage of leather ball stretchers is that I was circumcised shorter on the under side of my penis (foreskin restoration not completed yet) and the stretchers get painful during my frequent involuntary erections. The ball stretchers also seem to active more erections. The rings are not practical when my balls have been pumped up to 14" and they are not easily installed or removed. Vacuum pumping stretches the scrotum, but does not have much effect on the vas defrens, ligaments, veins, etc. It can also be difficult to hide the results of a pumping session for as much as a week while the effects diminish. Each man must find his own preferences and limits and find the technique or combination of techniques that works best for him and use extreme care in executing them.

By the way, if you're trying to get low hangers - wear boxer shorts. Briefs are designed to provide support which works against getting low hangers and deprives you of the great feeling of free range balls. Find the loose fitting ones like Fruit of the Loom or JJ Skivvie. Dont get boxer briefs...they ARE briefs NOT boxers!

Should anyone have additions, deletions, corrections, or innovations regarding ball stretching, please post them in the ball stretching discussion forum.

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