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Anal Play


The most important point to consider before engaging in anal play is that of cleanliness, for most people engaging in anal play it is usually seen as something of a necessity for the sub to be clean inside. A lot of people can be quite shy or squeamish when it comes to discussing this subject so to try and avoid that I will try to put it in the simplest terms possible. As a minimum cleaning method the sub should set their bowels in motion about an hour or so before the scene is going to begin and then they should give the area a good wash. This sort of preparation is only useful if the slave is only going to be subjected to insertables of 8 inches or less. The application of an enema should also always be considered, if the slave is going to be used for any form of heavy anal play such as fisting or play incorporating the use of insertables longer than 8 inches. The main reason for using an enema is because it is the only way of being reasonably sure that the slave is totally clean inside, if the slave is not cleaned properly some gritty deposits might remain and they could result in minor damage being inflicted upon the inner lining of the slaves anus. Some people engaging in BDSM sometimes like to incorporate the cleaning of the slave using an enema into the scene they are engaging in; they do so because they believe it adds an interesting humiliation aspect to proceedings. Alternatively some masters do not like to carry out enemas on their slaves so it might be a good idea for a slave to subtly work out which approach a master prefers before you move on to this stage.

Finger stimulation

The first thing to consider is the condition of the Doms hands, how rough is the skin, how long are his finger nails, are there any cuts or other breaks in the skin. The Dom should ensure his nails are trimmed short and there are no snags that could cut the sub internally. A lubricant of some sort should always be used, oil based lubricants are acceptable providing you are not going straight into anal sex after you have finished the finger stimulation though water based lubes are preferential since oil based lubes can damage the latex which condoms are made from. If ether the Dom or the sub is new to anal play the Dom should consider wearing latex medical gloves, the difference it makes is quite impressive, it makes it much easier for the sub to take the Dom’s fingers. If the sub is a beginner a hand-softening lotion used by the Dom well in advance could be a good idea also though you should also consider the fact that some more experienced slaves will often appreciate the sensation of rough skin. One of the main things to look out for when engaging in anal play for the pleasure of the sub is the prostate gland, it is located behind the rectal wall near the back of the subs genitals. Once inside the Dom should move his finger’s slowly up towards it and it should be gently massaged. Care should be taken, when doing this because for some people strong stimulation of the prostate gland can cause a spontaneous orgasm, which may come at an inappropriate time.


This is the licking sucking and kissing of the anus, because the tongue and lips are so warm and expressive rimming can result in some rather pleasurable sensations for the person receiving it. As a form of body worship subs are often very eager to perform it on a willing master, some subs also find it quite degrading. Rimming can be done in any position where the buttocks are spread wide enough to allow the tongue access. A good way of starting is for the person doing the licking to run there tongue up the open ass of the one receiving before beginning to concentrate on the anus itself. Running the tongue slowly and delicately around the anus is quite stimulating, another good thing to try is licking across it with short flicking motions of the tongue before pushing the tongue in as far as it will go while licking and rubbing it back and forth. The sub should try using their lips to rub over the anus, they should also try sucking while using their tongue

Anal sex

Consider the information in the above sections before you move onto this one as all the other information applies, there is no reason why anal sex should hurt if it is done properly, unless you want it to of course. It is advisable to begin with some finger stimulation before actual anal intercourse to prepare the sub for what is to come. The Dom should start by putting on a condom or alternatively the sub can be instructed to put the condom onto the Doms penis for him, this can be mildly humiliating for a sub and it can be made more so if the Dom mocks the sub while he is doing it. Fingers should then be used to apply A water based lubricant to the outside and inside of the slaves anus and all over the doms erect condom covered penis, plenty of lube will make it easier for the sub to take his masters cock and it makes it less likely that the condom with split. A good position to start off in with a beginner sub is the Doggy (see below). The Dom should start off very slowly, once he has located his target, he should slowly ease his penis inside. The slave should try to relax their muscles as much as possible this will make the Doms entry much easier. Once the head of the penis in fully inside the rest should follow on much easily. The Dom should consider trying to angle his penis so that it rubs against the subs prostate gland. An important point to consider during the initial penetration is how relaxed the sub is, the more relaxed, the easier the penetration will be, the Dom should consider stimulating the sub in other ways while trying to be as reassuring as possible.


Below you will find a simple guide to several basic positions, each with an amusing stickman illustration showing you how to do it (the hat is optional).

Doggy Position

The sub crouches on all fours with their legs parted slightly and the Dom crouches over the sub or kneels in a upright position.


In this variant of the doggy position the sub has their head and torso in a lower position than their hips.

This position is the most common for anal sex, it allows deep penetration and the Dom’s hands are both kept free to stimulate the sub in whatever way he decides. It is an easy position to get into and being bent over allows for an easy penetration. Because of the animalistic associations some subs can find this position quite humiliating. This position gives the Dom a full view of the sub from behind and access to the subs genitalia.

Reverse missionary position

The sub lies on there chest and the Dom lies on top of the sub with their shoulders aligned the Dom’s legs can be in between those of the sub or outside of them.

This position provides good body contact, it is easy to get into and deep penetration is possible. The Dom can force the subs face or shoulders down while giving them a good seeing to. It is a good position for a long session as it is less tiring than more adventurous positions.

Butterfly Position

The sub lies on their back on a surface such as a table or bed, the Dom stands or kneels depending on the height of the surface, he lifts the subs pelvis and supports their legs with his arms.

This position can be quite tricky and it requires the Dom to have quite a lot of upper body strength. Both participants can see most of each others upper bodies so it provides quite good visual stimulation.


The Dom lies on his side with his knees slightly bent, the sub lies on there side with there back against the Dom’s chest. The sub has there legs slightly parted with there knees bent and there hips tilted slightly.

This position provides full body contact and the Dom has access to the subs genitals. This is a low intensity position and the sex can go on for a long time though both partners cant see much of each others bodies and the penetration can be quite shallow. This position is good for a Dom to use as a resting position in between more active positions.

Cowboy Position

The Dom lies on his back and the sub sits on top with his legs on ether side of the Dom

Reverse Cowboy

In this variation the sub sits astride the Dom though facing away with his back towards the Dom

This position leaves both the Dom’s and the sub’s hands free, both partners can also look at each others upper bodies. This position is far less tiring for the Dom than any other position, though it is not very widely used in M/s sex because it gives the sub the more dominant position even though they are still receiving.

Kneeling Position

The Dom kneels down, the sub kneels on top of the Dom facing away from him. The Dom supports the subs upper body with his arms.

In this position the sub is on top though is in a less superior position than in the cowboy position. The Dom requires upper body strength to be able to properly support the sub. If he can support the sub with one arm he has the other one free to manipulate the sub. This position can put quite a bit of pressure on the Dom’s thighs which can be quite painful.

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