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Advanced Anal Play

While there are advantages to using a slave that has been trained to undergo extremely heavy anal play there are also some disadvantages and health implications that should be considered. Owning a slave with an ass like a clowns pocket might be entertaining in some respects and it is certainly good for a few novel party tricks. Though having said that you should bare in mind that certain types of heavy anal play over a long period of time can result in a slave loosing some control over how their bowels move. If a slave has undergone excessively heavy anal training he might find that some masters do not fully appreciate the many and varied charms of his saggy anal lips, many masters prefer their “Mr Happy” to be able to “touch the door frame” when he “enters a building”. A good tip for a slave who has been opened up too far is for them to insert a small butt plug and concentrate their minds on slowly clenching and releasing it, that should help to tighten them up after awhile.

Anal Toys

There are several points to consider when it comes to anal toys and ass play, the first is that when you are choosing a toy that is going to be left in place ensure it is one with a base, or is flanged at the base, this ensures the toy is not going to disappear, if a toy does get lost inside a sub it can be difficult to remove. Never apply any product that reduces the sensitivity of the anus, it not only reduces the subs pleasure there is also a chance it could lead the sub being hurt internally and not even realizing it. If you are interested in using long toys is far better to use a flexible ones so they are more able to follow the natural curve within the subs anal canal. Plenty of lube should be used to limit the chance of damaging the anus or its inner lining. It is also a very good idea to put condoms on any insertables as this makes the clean up process much easier, If any anal toys are going to be used on more than one person you should definitely use condoms on them and they should be thoroughly sanitized between uses.


Dildos are similar to vibrators though they do not vibrate, they are very effective for use in ass play. They usually come in 2 types, realistic ones the resemble a real cock and unrealistic ones that are made in different shapes and cause stimulation in different ways. The best realistic ones to use are those with thick veins running all over them which cause added stimulation.

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are not used like vibrators and dildos, they are designed to be inserted into the anus and left there. They are often used to prepare and relax a subs anus before it is used for other types of ass play.

Anal Probes

Probes are similar in design to most butt plugs though they do not have the large flare at the base that keeps them held in place. They are good for use on slaves new to anal toys as they are one of the least intimidating toys there are.


Vibrators can be used anally to apply intense stimulation to the prostate gland which can result in some pretty spectacular orgasms, they can also be used to apply stimulation to other parts sensitive parts of a slaves body such as their testicles or nipples.

Anal Beads

Anal beads usually consist of five balls on a string with a ring or bar on the end of the string to pull them out with. They come in a range of sizes from the size of small marbles to the size of tennis balls. Once the beads are inserted they can be removed either in one quick smooth motion which provides a sudden jolt of anal stimulation or they can be removed slowly one bead at a time which provides enjoyment as the anus expands and contracts.

Metal Chains

Various thickness’ of metal chain can be inserted into the anus and then withdrawn slowly to provide a similar effect to anal beads. Much more care should be taken when using a metal chain, a chain should only be withdrawn slowly because the links of the chain can sometimes snag and grip the skin on the inside of the subs anus.

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