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Leather Wear


No single piece of leather gear is going to get you looks like an awesome pair of leather pants.

Your first pair of leather pants should probably be what is called a jean-cut or 501 cut. These mimic the classic cut of a pair of Levi 501 jeans. A decent pair of off-the-rack leather pants will likely cost at least $350 so make this purchase wisely.

A guide to choosing the perfect pair:


A well polished and appropriate pair of boots speaks volumes. Does the sight of a boy licking his Sir's boots make you hard? Well, those boots should be deserving of service if you're a Top and should be spit-shined with pride if you're a boy. We require all of our boys to wear boots when starting a session. We wear boots and nothing can end a scene faster than a Top stepping on a bare foot with a pair of 18" Wesco Engineers! You get the picture by now...


A very versatile and great looking piece of clothing - your cock and ass are nicely exposed. Often cheaper than leather pants and will last a lifetime. Do not go for the motorcycle style (the ones with snaps on the cuffs and a big cutout for your ass). This style does not frame your ass or provide that nice crotch definition. You want the classic leatherman style with a wide waist belt, lace adjustment in back, tapered legs and an inside zip. The ones with multiple snaps on the belt look very hot. Choose your chaps by how they fit around your thighs, not your waist - the laces in back should have a 1" - 3" gap. Chaps that fit well over jeans often look slightly puckered when worn naked.


Solely our preference, but we think the "bar" style leather vest without buttons is much more attractive than the western or cycle style vest. If the bar style vest has the same gap in front from waist to chest it is likely a good looking fit. Reject any that pucker at the shoulders. Get a vest that is leather all the way around - with no cloth in back or buckle. You can choose styles with laces, chain or rings on the sides - all very hot. Like your pants... no lining!


Three styles are suited for the well dressed leatherman - The classic style biker jacket, the CHP motor officer jacket and the racing style motorcycle jacket. The CHP style jacket is going to give you the most options. The biker jackets with the attached belts look kind of silly when unfastened. You will want a large, thick police duty belt and snap loops built-in to keep it in place.


Nothing is quite as hot as a pair of ultra-thin police search gloves covered in spit and stroking your dick. Damascus and Hatch make decent gloves. Order them tight and let them stretch and mold to your hand size -- and NEVER lend them out to someone else or they will never fit right again. There are many cool riding gloves, too but many are very thick and make working with bondage gear very difficult.


A leather jock underneath your chaps is a very accessible and hot look. many different styles. When in public, know your local bar laws regarding nudity - most states require at least 1" of floss covering your ass crack - and you will want a "T" jock to accomplish this.


if you can find a real vintage Muir leather cap, buy it! The ones on the market today are vinyl leatherette knock-offs. This is the classic leatherman's cap with the addition of chain or insignia. Wear the cap with the brim down at eye-level when looking straight forward. The backwards head tilt you need to see is sexy as hell. Leather baseball caps are a great bottom look but look for the ones with the bowl-shaped top and a short brim - and avoid the "farmer" style caps with a slightly peaked top. Rebel caps are also a great look for both top and bottom. Real leather cowboy hats are very rare - most of the ones available are Mexican caballero style and are a different cut than a western hat. The Australian outback hats are also cut different but have a unique ruggedness to them. If you have squared/angular facial features you can get away with wearing a leather beret or gendarme cap.


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