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Flagging With The Gay Hanky Code
By Vince Andrews
Blue Bandana

Let me first say, flagging is a GREAT IDEA. I am a firm believer in showing off your sexual desires in any way you can. Not to mention it saves lots of time finding the right trick for the night in a bar. Some of us just don't have the time to dedicate to this as others do. It’s a new millennium and the faster we can find it the happier we are as people.

Can you imagine being able to walk into the local bar and find the kink you want just by looking at the guy or gal across the room...? Hell, you would not even have to say a word to each other, no more asking “are you a top or a bottom?” I hate asking that question, because if they really want to take you home, they always say “both” and then it’s usually wrong in many ways. So how about we all take time out in our lives and learn to Flag our desires. It will make tricking less stressful on us all this year.

First we'll start with some basic rules to flagging. If you hang it on the right, you're a bottom. If it’s on the left, you're a top. And if it’s on both sides then you're a switch, or versatile. Now I trust, I don't have to explain what top or bottom is. Sometimes people refer to the left side as “they like doing it to people” and the right side as “they like having it done”. Not everyone is into D/s; some people just enjoy the act involved themselves without the power play.

Now for some examples. Let’s say you're into being flogged, and like urinating on someone else. So you “like having it done” when it comes to flogging and “you like doing it when” it comes to urination. So that means that you should hang a flogger on your right hip or side. And a yellow handkerchief in your back left pocket.

What if you have a 9 inch cock, and you enjoy earning your “red wings”. Earning your red wings is performing fellatio on a female that is menstruating. So you would hang a Mustard handkerchief out of your back pocket to show off your size, and a nice maroon one out of your right pocket.

There are many hanky codes out there on the net and some cities vary on what things mean. So if your unsure, hell just ask what it means, most people that flag are proud to share the info. Of course, there are those awful times in the bar when it’s just too damn dark to tell what shade of blue or yellow it is, so once again, if you're unsure just ask. There is nothing worse than to take a guy home with the intentions of water sports and find out all he wants to do is spit or drool!

There is a lot of debate on when and how all this started, and many people have their own views on it. But I can safely say that it has been a part of the leather lifestyle in some manner since its very beginnings. And I hope that this article will help enforce the use of it through another century of BDSM. I hope that this has helped you all in understanding flagging and how it is used. When you discover you have a new fetish, you can purchase these hankies at a Hobby Lobby or a local leather shop.

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