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Bar Wear for Bottoms


I copied this from a site on the web, and neglected to copy information on where the article came from. I did not write this article. DRD

I am closer to old-guard when it comes to bar wear. There is no way to filter out personal opinions regarding this but here are my thoughts -- no-holds-barred!


The classic bottom look for me is simply jeans,a wide black belt, boots and a t-shirt.

Want even more attention from tops?

Some of the dozens of hanky colors:

BLACK - masochist
LIGHT GRAY - bondage bottom
DARK GRAY - rubberist
RED - fisting bottom
YELLOW - piss pig
ORANGE - anything, anytime
GREEN - boy
TEAL - cock/ball torture
DARK BLUE - looking to get fucked
LIGHT BLUE - looking to suck cock

So how does this work? Simple. You fold it neatly, or with nice points, or leave it dangling out the back (depending on your personal tastes), and you go out cruising proudly telling the world what you're about. The first time you put one in your pocket might even be a coming out moment, of a sort. The first time you dared advertise your secret desires.

Sound simple? It is. However, as in all things, there are a few problems with this whole scenario.

A few pointers on hankies.

First problem, in a dark, or strangely lit bar the hanky color might appear to be something its not. We start to loose our color vision in low lighting, so it gets rather hard to figure it all out at times.

LALthrbound reports : I had a very hot man cruising me one night, and he kept leaning over to check out that gray hanky in my back left pocket. So we start talking, and he wants to confirm what color it is. I assure him it's not brown as he thought it might be. Then he got a disappointed look and wandered off. So be careful and always make sure you ask about the other person's interests in advance, you may not be getting what you thought you were.

Secondly, lots of guys don't ever flag with a bandana. Third, many people have so many interests that it's impractical to flag it all. Fourth: orange is wide open to interpretation. Technically it means you're into practically every fetish known to man. Since most of you aren't, you might want to think twice before using it. The other problem with this is that some people equate "anything, anytime" to refer to piggy sex at any opportunity. That's not my definition of "anything" but apparently it is for some men.

Find some valuable pocket space advertising something that should be a given.

So what"s the point of the hanky? First off, it is a way of indicating you're out looking for something, or at least wanting to send a message about what kinds of things you like. Secondly, it's an easy way to quickly tell the world if you're predominantly top or bottom. Third, if you're a top, it makes a convenient blindfold when you are presented with an unexpected opportunity.

Some dont's:

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