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Water Sports

It's official term is Urolagnia but it is more commonly known as piss play, golden showers (GS), golden enemas or yellow play. Watersports (WS) are often enjoyed as a kink, some people enjoy drinking it, or get aroused by the feel of the hot jet of water on their bodies. It is more of a vanilla kink than a BDSM activity and most watersport websites reflect this, but in a BDSM context it can be yet another duty of a sub or used as part of a degradation or humiliation scene.

How to do Piss Play

Really there is little to explain about piss play. Basically one person pisses on the other person or in their mouth, anus or vagina. It can be simply the hot stream of piss all over the body as a golden shower, or the stream can be more forceful and aimed directly onto the clit or the head of an erect penis.

Whether the piss play is erotic or humiliating is down to the attitudes or mindsets involved at the time.

As a fetish is can be a part of adult baby diaper play, self-wetting whilst clothed or getting off from doing it in public places.

In the world of submission there are some who dedicate their lives to being toilet slaves, their mouths acting as the toilet and their tongues used in place of the toilet tissue or bidet.


Recepticles : Piss can be placed in various objects, from champagne glasses to dog bowls. Bear in mind that urine starts to decompose through bacterial activity as soon as it is in contact with the air so do not leave it standing for too long.

Plastic funnels, like the ones used in kitchens, can also be utilised. The receiver has the funnel spout in their mouth and the giver pisses into it. This is usual done with the receiver laying on their back in order to position the funnel correctly.

Gags : The Spider, Jennings and Whitehead Gags are all old-style dental gags and are ideal for piss play as they hold the mouth open wide and receptive.

Cleaning Up : Watersports tend to be played in the bath or shower unit where they are easily cleaned up. If playing outside of the bathroom place plastic or rubber sheeting, covered in towels, over the play area.

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