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Everything available in leather can be had in rubber, too. There are also many items unique to rubber gear. Rather than waste bandwidth, we would prefer to spend some time on presenting and caring for your rubber.


There are three ways to get your rubber on:


You want to get the most glossy shine possible on your rubber to enhance the look. This also enhances rubber sex - as slick rubber wont bind when you bump uglies with your rubber mate. Use a commercial latex clothing polish (like Black Beauty) or just use silicone sex lube (like Wet Platinum). You can also buy cans of food-grade silicone spray to make this easy. Shine up after you put it on.


Keep your rubber stored completely clean, dry , sealed airtight, and away from sunlight and high temperatures. Leaving slicone lube on your latex can wear out the seams prematurely. Any moisture and body fluids can lead to a science project growing in your rubber gear. Storing it with a very light dusting of talc will help keep it from sticking to itself, or you can use sheets of uncolored tissue paper (the kind you would stuff in a gift bag, not the blow your nose kind). Gallon size zip lock baggies are great for storing you rubber.

Never ever use grease or oil base lubes on rubber.


Eventually your rubber is going to tear. We highly recommend having a backup plan if you go out in public. Do not let stupid bar assholes pinch or tug on your rubber and watch what you rub against.

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