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Some Nice Tips on Gay Flirting
By Francis K Githinji

Flirting is fun for everyone and the gay community has not been left behind. Just like in any relationship where by it starts off with flirting, most gay relationships also start this way. There are various ways that you can flirt and get someone who is interested in you to flirt with you. Compliments have always worked and if you used them correctly, they will not let you down. If you see something in the person you like throw a compliment his way. It could be about his smile, the way he is dressed, anything. Just make sure you get it right and you do not go complimenting him on something that is definitely not good, if he does not have a good sense of humor, you will end up with a black eye and gay flirting will not have worked for you.

Hold the person's eyes when gay flirting. The eyes always communicate more, they tell the person that you are since. A simple look at the person will mean that you like them and it could also be a welcome. Tell the person you have taken a liking to that you do by flirting with them with the eyes. This is how you should do it, look at the person longer than you would, make sure you are looking at his eyes, and then slowly move to any other part of the body when you are sure that you have got his attention. This way, he will know for sure that you like them and you would like to get to know them better or that you would like to be in a relationship with them.

When talking to the person and you intend to flirt with him, whisper to him. Tell the person anything in a whisper. This way you will capture his attention more than you would if you talked to him in a leveled voice. When gay flirting match the tone of your voice to his or try to mimic the person you are talking to. That is, try to talk like the person who is talking to you. This way, you will make the person feel like you admire them. We all do that, try to imitate the person we admire and love, we will talk like them and even sometimes walk like them.

Do not ever try to make any sexual advances on your first day of gay flirting. If you have been flirting for a while it is okay to do that but if you have never met before any sexual advance you make will not be welcomed. Do not try it at all. Flirt with everything else you got and using any skill that have acquired or you were born with because flirting is just one of those things that human beings were born with but what ever you do keep any sexual advances to yourself. Go ahead and flirt today, get yourself that person you have been admiring for ages or that person you just saw across the room that you have suddenly felt something special on him. Do not be shy, however do not also be cocky it will not do you any good.

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