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Bowling Tips For The Beginner
By Peter J Lee

Learning to bowl is fun and easy. The game of bowling is centuries old, and it is enjoyed by fun-seekers and professionals all over the world. When you want to learn how to bowl, head to the bowling alley for the best instruction. Here a friend or teacher can coach you about all you need to know within a few short hours.

You can rent or borrow both your bowling ball and your bowling shoes right at the bowling alley. Once you find the right shoe size and a bowling ball that is the correct weight for you, head down to the lane to practice. If possible, find a lane that is away from other bowlers so you won't be distracted.

Some lucky bowlers can get spares or even strikes with little or no skill, but that is not the norm. Don't get discouraged when you first start bowling if you only hit a few pins or send your ball to the gutter. This is absolutely normal. If you concentrate on what you are doing and listen to your instructor, your game will get better.

Your bowling ball is simply a sphere with holes in it. You put your middle finger and your ring finger into the holes to get a grip on the ball before releasing it toward the pins. There are three ways to grip the bowling ball.

The Conventional Grip has you putting your fingers into the holes up to the second joint. With the Finger Tip Grip, you insert your fingers just until the first joint. Then you have the Sarge-Easter Grip, where you put both fingers in one hole, but this one is just for experienced bowlers.

Your teacher will usually show you both the Conventional Grip and the Finger Tip Grip, and you can use whichever one you are more comfortable with.

Most bowlers take three steps forward before they release the bowling ball. This will generally give you the correct approach and follow through needed to get the ball to reach the pins. Focus on the arrows, markers and dots on the lane to help guide your ball to its target.

Bowling is fun and not too difficult, but you won't become a pro overnight. If you want to improve as a bowler, you have to practice and listen to your instructor. You can also get some great tips and tricks from the lane operator at your bowling alley. They are there every day, so they are pretty much an encyclopedia of bowling.

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