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Rules to Follow When in a Bowling Slump
By Mark D. Williams

That Mid Season Bowling Slump

Some Tips to help ease the pain of a mid season slump in bowling

We have all been there, It is no fun as anyone can tell you. So I decided to write this articles to help you build back your confidence in your bowling game or any sport really. But, this mainly pertains to bowling.

Here are a few rules to follow when in a bowling slump.

Rule #1. Don't let one bad night turn into 5 or 10 bad nights. It is very easy to let this happen and easier said then done. So try not to over think the situation.

Rule #2. Don't make to big of moves. An inch is better than a mile in a bowling slump. Small moves are better than big moves or less is more.

Rule #3. Get back to the basic's. One thing that has helped me the most is forget about striking every frame just be happy with a clean game. Usually when I do this my slump is soon gone .

Rule #4. Get some new equipment. I know it sounds like the easy way out but in today's game the newer the bowling ball the better the scores, now not always is it a new ball it could be a new pair of shoes, new inserts in you old ball, even a new grip. One year I was in a terrible sump and I got a new ball and raised my average 15 pins from half way through the season.

Rule #5. Stop watching everyone else. Easier said than done, but dose work if you start just playing your own game.

Rule #6. One ball at a time, This speaks for itself, stop looking at the outcome and look at it frame by frame.

Rule #7. Don't get to many opinions, some advice is good to much is bad and can really mess you up.

Here was just a few rules to help you out. It is all about confidence anyway. These rules have helped me in the past and present, I hope that they help you as well.

Good Luck and Good Bowling.

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