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The Proper Bowling Technique For Beginning Bowlers
By Jordan Matthews

Bowling is a wonderful sport for those who know the proper bowling technique to use. If you have an aversion to gutterballs, then using the proper technique will help. Knowing which way you should stand and what type of ball is all included in the proper bowling technique.

The first thing to learn when trying to find your proper bowling technique is in holding the bowling ball. There are three holes on the ball. The two together are for your middle fingers and the single hole is for your thumb. To hold the ball in the proper bowling technique, hold the ball with the palm of your hand facing upwards. Turn your thumb position to be more at the ten o'clock position and do not change this until you let it go. This is the proper bowling technique for holding the ball.

The second proper bowling technique is known as the approach. As the name suggests this proper bowling technique is when you move toward the lane to release the ball. The proper bowling technique for the approach begins about four and a half steps before the foul line. You should see dots on the lane. When you finish your approach, you should have your feet in the proper bowling technique for your dominant foot. If it is the right foot, the proper bowling technique for you is the center dot. If you are a left foot, it is the exact opposite.

Let us continue on to the proper bowling technique for getting a strike. Proper bowling technique is not in aiming for the first pin but to go for what is known as the pocket. If you have right hand dominance, your proper bowling technique is to aim between the one and three pin. If you are left hand dominant, your proper bowling technique is to aim for the one and two pin.

Releasing the ball also has a proper bowling technique. This is started when you are in your approach. Proper bowling technique combines the approach and the release together. The first step you take towards the dots is done with the right leg. Your right arm should be out. The second step brings the proper bowling technique with the arm pointed straight to the floor. The third step brings the proper bowling technique with the ball behind you and the forth step brings release. Once your feet come into their proper bowling technique at the dots, you release the ball in a roll and not a drop.

To get the ball down the lane in the right positioning for your proper bowling technique, aim for the arrows at the top of the lane. If you are right handed, aim for the second and third arrows to the left side. For left hander, aim for the same arrows on the opposite side. You now have all you need to start practicing on your proper bowling technique. Practice your bowling and enjoy your new sport!

Jordan Matthews is an internet entrepreneur with a 239 average, who enjoys bowling at local ABT tournaments every weekend. Visit Jordan's Bowling Website for more information about bowling in tournaments and improving your scores.

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