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Tips For Bowling Practice
By Sean Lannin

Practice is the best way to improve your game. Try these tips for bowling to focus on specific areas for improvement. This will greatly increase how quickly you see improvement in your game and the improvements will be greater than without these methods.

I see a lot of new bowlers just grab a ball and begin throwing it down the lane when they practice. It does not appear that they have any practice plan or are trying to improve a specific area of their game. One of the best tips for bowling practice is to have a game plan...or better stated a "practice plan".

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses in any area of your life is important, and knowing these for your bowling game is equally important. With this knowledge you can construct a practice plan that focuses on your weaknesses, those areas of your game that you want to improve, and can spend less time on those areas that you already excel.

When practicing, it is best to practice with the appropriate ball. If you are a beginner and use a lane ball ensure that it fits. A ball that does not fit the fingers, a ball that is too light or too heavy is not appropriate, and will negatively affect your practice. If you use your own balls, bring those that you use in games and don't experiment wildly. If you carry 2 balls, a main ball and a spare ball...use the correct ball during practice.

Creating a routine is important for consistent scores. Using a 4-step approach one time and then switching to a 5-step approach will only create problems and will not allow you to improve your game. Use your practice time to develop a routine if you do not already have one, or to re-enforce your routine if you do. Go through the same process each and every time, developing a habit or routine that you consistently use to pick up your ball, take your stance, plan your shot, and execute the shot. This routine will allow you to be "in the zone" more often and prevent you from worrying about all sorts of things while you are in a game.

It is best to avoid rolling a game as practice, and instead focus on specific areas to improve. Often we consider this practice, showing up to the lane, taking out our ball, throwing a couple of games, packing everything up and heading home. Instead, forget about rolling a game and instead focus on a pre-shot routine, pocket consistency, our approach, ball speed, etc. By breaking down the parts of the game and focusing our practice efforts on improving these areas, the sum or total of these parts will improve as well. Not only will our games improve but they will do so much faster.

Having a game plan is important, whether we are talking about our personal lives, our bowling games, or our bowling practice. Try these tips for bowling practice to focus your efforts and practice time, and with it watch your game significantly improve.

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