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Bowling Tips on How to Bowl a Perfect Strike
By John Tenn

Every time a bowler throws their first ball in a frame, there is ONE hope in the forefront of his mind, "Please let it be a STRIKE!"

Knocking down all ten pins with a single bowl is the best possible outcome and the goal to which all bowlers aspire. We all experience "beginners luck" at first, but then seem to lose sight of whatever we did to make it happen.

We all look up to the bowler who can get multiple strikes in a game. Thankfully, there are bowling tips and techniques you can learn to replicate that magic moment...and bowl a strike over and over again!

Where do you begin?

Right where you stand. Literally. Your foot placement is absolutely fundamental to your success. Even if you do everything else correctly, if your feet are not where they need to be, the ball won't go where it needs to either!

Are you right or left handed? If you are left handed, aim your right second toe at the 1-pin. If you're right handed, aim your left second toe at the 1-pin. It may feel odd at first, but make no works! Watch the foot placement of pro bowlers and you'll see they do it too.

Keeping your proper foot aimed at the head pin allows your shoulders to relax and square up with the foul line, making the ball more likely to go where you want it.

Step up to the swing

You now know where you stand. Let's talk about where we're your first intentional strike. Cradle your ball and retract your arm. You're just four steps away from bowling your first strike ball! If you are right handed, step with your right foot, then with your left foot. As you step with the left foot your ball arcs downward. Take your third step with your right foot as the force of the ball lifts your arm upwards. Release the ball and use your left leg as a counterweight to keep your balance.

Release the ball

It's important to release the ball at the proper time. If you release too soon, your ball will start rolling too soon and it won't have enough energy to knock the pins down. If you release on the upswing, you're likely to divot the lane at worst, and roll into the gutter at best. The best time to release the ball is just as centrifugal force begins to guide the ball upward. You'll feel it in your hand as gravity begins to pull at the weight of the ball. Be sure your wrist is straight and relaxed and that you're aiming for the strike zone (the little "x" on the lane in between the arrows).

Follow it through

As you release the ball, remember to NOT look at it. Your eyes should remain fixed on your target and your arm should continue its upward arc until after the ball has been released. It happens all too often when a beginner pulls his arm back quickly and watches the ball, only to have it roll off course. Don't let that happen to you! Where your eyes are looking is where your shoulders and feet are usually pointing. And we know that to bowl a strike, they all need to be facing forward!

By following these easy to learn techniques, you'll be bowling strike after strike. Your friends will be amazed and the competition disappointed. You can stand proud knowing that you have mastered the skills needed to bowl a strike again and again!

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