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What is the Best Bowling Tip for a Beginner?
By Jordan Matthews

Bowling, one of the most popular sports in the world, may seem confusing, but these bowling tips for beginners will go a long way toward helping you feel like a pro in a very short time. This article gives some bowling tips for beginners, from choosing the right ball to use, to playing an actual game. As with all other sports, there is no exact method that must be followed. Each person is different and needs to find the most suitable style with these bowling tips for beginners.

The first bowling tips for beginners involves choosing the right ball. Keep in mind, the sport is based on timing and coordination, meaning you need a ball easy enough to handle. As one of the bowling tips for beginners, we suggest a ball depending on your size and height. Usually, balls for women range from 8 - 15 pounds and for men, they range from 14 - 16 pounds. The best bowling tip for beginners who are looking to choose the correct ball is to bowl with the heaviest ball you can swing comfortably.

A small, but important step in bowling tips for beginners is your bowling stance. Start by gripping the ball with your bowling hand, and rest it in your non-bowling hand (your balance hand). Stand approximately 2 feet from the end of the approach (explained further on in the list of bowling tips for beginners). Stand with your toes pointed straight at your target, while keeping your hips and shoulders parallel and lined up with your feet. Many books containing bowling tips for beginners also refer to this process as squaring up. Bowling tips for beginners cover your approach to the lane.

In our bowling tips for beginners, we suggest you experiment with your delivery of the ball. There are several different deliveries for the average bowler. Bowling tips for beginners gives the subsequent distances as starting points for these particular deliveries:

- 3 step delivery, stand 8 - 10 feet from the foul line.
- 4 step delivery, stand 10 - 12 feet from the foul line.
- 5 step delivery, stand 12 - 16 feet from the foul line.

If your size or your stride is larger than normal, make changes to adjust for this.

Both these factors in bowling tips for beginners, grip and aim, are very important. While keeping a good grip on your ball, bowling tips for beginners advise you to align the ball with your shoulder and, keeping your forearm slightly bent, use your balance hand (non-bowling hand) to balance the ball. Taking a deep breath, then exhale keeping your stomach muscles tight is part of the great bowling tips for beginners and aids your concentration and aim.

The next step in bowling tips for beginners is to hold the ball until goes passed your left foot. The distance after the line of foul is the right time to release the ball. According to bowling tips for beginners, this release will depend on the particular size, speed limit, length, and amount of steps used by the individual bowler.

The last tip of our bowling tips for beginners is that you should enjoy your game. This is the most important tip of all. Remember that bowling itself is a sport, and no matter what, the game should be fun for you. Of all the bowling tips for beginners, this one is the most important. Join a league, whether for competition or just for fun.

Jordan Matthews is an internet entrepreneur with a 239 average, who enjoys bowling at local ABT tournaments every weekend. Visit Jordan's Bowling Website for more information about bowling in tournaments and improving your scores.

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