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Beginning Bowling Technique - Do Not
Overlook The Value Of Spares
By Sean Bailey

New bowlers are often so excited to hit a bunch of pins that they are too distracted to hit the remaining pins on the second attempt. As you get more advanced at bowling, you might be able to concentrate on hitting some pins, but not with any concept of the importance of hitting the pins just right to take all of the remaining pins down. No matter how hard it is for you as a beginner to learn how to hit a strike each time, learning to make spares regularly is not that difficult and it will dramatically improve your scores. In fact, learning how to clean up with a spare is the first step to learning how to aim your bowling ball for regular strikes.

Secret to Spares that Most Beginning Bowlers Do not Know

Even if you own your own bowling ball, do not take your second attempt with that ball, nor should you use one of those pretty marble balls at the bowling alley on your attempt for a spare. The plain-colored balls supplied by the bowling alley are similar to what professional bowlers carry just for those rare occasions when they miss a strike and need a spare. These balls are drilled and weighted to roll perfectly straight, making it much easier for you to aim the ball at the pin you want to hit.


Most bowlers do not play with a time limit, so do not grab your ball as soon as it comes out and throw it right back down. Concentrate on being relaxed. Then concentrate on how you want the ball to hit the pin. Then imagine the ball coming out of your hand, going down the lane, and hitting the pin. Do not forget to throw the ball though.

In a very relaxed, postured stance, make your run and release the ball with a straight wrist. Your whole arm should be relaxed as it flows in an arc in the direction of the pin. Unless you have set up some kind of bad split, you do not need anything but a straight line aim.

Maybe It Is Not All Your Fault

If you find you just keep missing the target, there is a very remote possibility that you not the one at fault for your misses. Often an extremely dirty ball can take some really weird rolls. It is also possible that your ball needs polished or the floor needs a fresh coat of wax. If the ball does a lot of funny movements at the same point in the lane each time, there could be some fluid or a divot in the lane. But you will not make any friends or get extra help for throwing out accusations at bowling alley employees. Simply move over a lane and try a few different balls to find out if the problem is in the lane, ball, or you.

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