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Advanced Tips For Bowling That Will
Improve Your Game
By Sean Bailey

Bowling enthusiasts are always on the look out on tips for bowling so that they can play the game better and ultimately become a better bowler. There are many bowling techniques you can learn but the hook technique is one of the bowling techniques you can learn to be good at and add to your bowling arsenal.

If you've never heard of "hook" as it is used in bowling, the term simply refers to the curve taken by the bowling ball away from where it started and through the board. The exact point where the bowling ball changed its direction is called the hook angle. The most curved path that the bowling ball will go to is referred to as the hook potential. In bowling, these three concepts are what define the hook technique.

Basically, the hook technique involves keeping your hand in a handshake position beginning from the approach, swing and up to when you release the ball. Your swing will make or break your hook ball. When you are getting ready to swing, make sure the hand holding the bowling ball is positioned palm up under the ball. As you swing, turn the bowling ball in such a way that when you release it, your bowling hand is on the outside of the bowling ball (as if you are shaking hands).

If you're a novice bowler, you may find the hook technique a bit difficult to master at first. However, once you do master the hook technique, you will find it pretty useful for picking up spares. Needless to say, learning the hook technique will help increase your score, thereby raising your overall bowling average.

Now that you know the basic of hook technique, the next thing you need to know is the three types of hook balls you can learn and use on the bowling alley: stroker, cranker and helicopter.

The stroker is a hook technique wherein your slider foot comes to a complete stop prior to the bowling ball reaching your swing's low point. This hook technique helps you increase your control of the bowling ball. You will need to keep your shoulders square when using the stroker.

The cranker is a hook technique you can use if you want to produce a lot more power in your swing. In this hook technique, you arrive at the foul line even before you release the ball. Of all the three types of hook balls, the cranker involves movement that if not controlled can severely injure muscles.

The helicopter is the third hook technique that is more commonly used by Asian bowlers. This is because bowling lanes in this part of the world tend to be low quality, and so for balls that are between 10 and 12 pounds, the helicopter hook is best used. The helicopter requires a grip much different from the other hook balls: the fingers remain around the top of the bowling ball. Once the ball is released, the ball travels a straight path but is spinning like a helicopter.

Are you a beginner bowler looking for more Tips For Bowling? Or are you a seasoned bowler looking to take your game to the next level? You CAN dramatically improve your bowling if you have the right information. For more tips on bowling, go to:

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