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How to please a man from a man
By Ben Schock
February 6, 2008

Pleasing a man isn't as easy as you think, even if you're a man yourself.

If you're a gay man who has a partner, you're well aware that there's much more to the male sexual anatomy than just the twig and berries.

I'm sure you also know that when it comes to intercourse with males, sex can be much more complicated (and more interesting) than just getting off the ol' johnson. Sure, the whole point of having sex is to reach to the climax, but getting there is half the fun.

For those homosexual men who feel they're not pleasing their partner enough, and the heterosexual ladies who want to learn more, I suggest you continue reading this sexplanation to make sure you're prepared the next time you go rolling in the hay.

Like women, men have nipples too. However, a guy's nipple doesn't function the way a girl's would, but they do share one thing: nerves. The teat is practically a cluster of different nerves that are sensitive to various stimuli such as heat, touch and sexual arousal.

Sensitivity varies between men, but it never hurts to try. You can start with some basic finger action and then move orally to increase sensation (just don't bite too hard). Again, do keep in mind that some men might not be as sexually stimulated or simply think it's too "feminine" and feel offended. Communicate with your partner if you're unsure to avoid making him uncomfortable or awkward.

Sex is all about touch; exploring your partner's body with your hands, mouth, what have you. Massages can be a fun way to do some heavy petting before the real action begins. Oils or lotions aren't completely necessary, but they do make the experience much more interesting and sensual. Don't think that you should be limited to the back. Relieve tension in the arms, legs, scalp and even buttocks. Surprisingly, a butt massage can be very stimulating and alleviate stress. You can also be fun by teasing your partner by exploring areas just around the genital zone, but never actually touching it.

The mouth is capable of wondrous things. It can bite, chew, spit, lick, whistle and so forth. In sex, the mouth can be a huge component of stimulation. Sure, many homosexual men know how to give good head, but for novices, there are a few tricks you should keep in mind:

  1. It's a good idea to always keep a hand at the base of the shaft. This will keep it steady from avoiding unwanted injuries (eyes, nose, etc.).
  2. Sure, a lot of people say it's hot when a guy deep-throats, but don't think you have to. If your gag reflex is null, go for it, but for those who's throats are more sensitive than others, don't bite off more than you can chew. Remember, most of the nerves are found at the head of the penis, which doesn't require any extra oral effort.
  3. Don't leave the balls just hanging there. While one hand is holding the base of the pole, have the other fondle, caress or pull (not too hard) the sac for some extra stimulation.

Whether it's anal or vaginal penetration, you have to be relaxed, comfortable, and ready for sex. Also, you need lube, lots of lube. (I personally suggest the heat activating kind.) Once again, communication is key, tell your partner if it hurts, if it's too much, if you need more lube, whatever. Positioning is also different based on the person. Explore the rest of his body, play with his nipples, kiss him, pull his hair a little bit, maybe a little spanking, what have you. Also, talk about it with your partner before you have sex. One might want to be on top the entire time; some might like to switch it up. Every person is different and you have to take that into consideration when having sex. But have fun and be comfortable. Don't do anything that hurts too much or causes immense displeasure.

Hopefully those of who have read this have learned a few things about how to please a man. Again, everyone is different and requires different needs. Sometimes you have to compensate but don't do anything that exceeds your own boundaries. Have fun, communicate, be smart, and always, always, always use a condom.

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